FIFA 21: 'Find The Net' SBC Cheapest Solution For Xbox One, PS4 And PC
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FIFA 21: 'Find The Net' SBC Cheapest Solution For Xbox One, PS4 And PC

Chris Trout
4 November 2020

Consider it found

As we get closer to the next FIFA 21's Ultimate Team! promo event, Road To The Final, a new UCL themed SBC has been added.

This new SBC is called 'Find The Net' and focus on using UEFA Champions League cards.

This SBC will offer players an untradable 'Rare Mixed Players Pack'.

Let's take a look at the best solution.


The 'Find The Next' SBC went live on the 4th November at 6 pm BST.

It is set to expire on Friday 6th November at 5.59pm BST.


To complete this SBC you will need to submit the following squad:

  • 7 players from the same league
  • 3 players from the same club
  • 1 Common or Rare UEFA Champions League Card
  • 9 rare players
  • 70 team rating
  • 85 chemistry
  • 11 players in the squad

Cheapest Solution

The SBC is going to cost roughly 1,000-3,000 coins from scratch.

If you have a lot of SBC fodder, this should only cost a couple of thousand coins:

  • CB - PEPE
  • LM - PONCE
  • CM - LOPEZ

Solution Tips

The easiest thing to do is just pick one league to play with and pull in players that meet the rating requirements.

Your league is likely going to be influenced by your UCL card, but as demonstrated above, you can build out of two leagues with very strong links.

I would recommend using the Mexican, Saudi, or Dutch league to build out your squad.

To reach the rating requirements, you'll need the following players (or equivalent):

  • 1 x 82 rated player
  • 1 x 81 rated player
  • 1 x 70 rated player
  • 2 x 69 rated player
  • 4 x 64 rated players
  • 1 x 63 rated player
  • 1 x 62 rated player

These prices may rise over the next few days.


So is it worth it? For an SBC that is this cheap, it's always worth doing.

The rewards may be untradable, but you'll likely turn a lot of fodder and low rated players into higher-rated players; meaning they'll come in handy for other SBCs down the line.

You may even get lucky and get a new squad member...

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