Days Gone IPCA Locations -How To Unlock The Secret Weapon!
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Days Gone IPCA Locations -How To Unlock The Secret Weapon!

Nick Farrell
31 October 2020

New Tech!

Days Gone is one of the most immersive open-world titles that has released on the PS4.

Many of you will be looking to play it once again when the PS5 releases later this year.

There is a lot of side quests and other objectives you can complete during your 30 plus hour adventure through Oregon.

One of these side quests is finding all of the IPCA Tech over the course of the map.

At first, finding this tech may seem useless, but it is actually used for unlocking an amazing weapon.

Here's how!



Over the course of the story, you will be informed about an item called IPCA tech.

You will not be initially informed of the secret weapon when you hear about this item for the first time, but you will shortly learn about it when the credits roll. 

In order to construct the weapon you will need to find 18 IPCA tech over the map.

Some of these tech locations are fairly hidden, so it is worth noting that this may take some time,

Nevertheless, do not fear as there are some helpful YouTube videos to assist you along the way.

The following video is from YouTuber【XCV//】who noted the locations of all 18.

Check it out below for further assistance, as well time codes are following for better detail on specific locations. 

  • CASCADE region
    0:00 - IPCA Tech 1
    0:37 - IPCA Tech 2
    1:14 - IPCA Tech 3
    1:45 - IPCA Tech 4


  • BELKNAP region
    2:13 - IPCA Tech 5
    2:39 - IPCA Tech 6
    3:23 - IPCA Tech 7


  • LOST LAKE region
    3:51 - IPCA Tech 8
    4:32 - IPCA Tech 9
    5:56 - IPCA Tech 10


  • IRON BUTTE region
    5:28 - IPCA Tech 11
    5:55 - IPCA Tech 12

  • CRATER LAKE region
    6:26 - IPCA Tech 13
    7:13 - IPCA Tech 14
    7:50 - IPCA Tech 15


  • HIGHWAY 97 region
    8:30 - IPCA Tech 16
    9:14 - IPCA Tech 17
    9:48 - IPCA Tech 18

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