PS5 Images: 28 Incredible New Pictures Show Console From Every Angle

The PS5 has some serious modelling skills.

With the PS5 on its way, we like others, can't wait to see the console in our hands.

For now, we'll have to settle for images shared by those lucky enough to review it.

Well, looks like Sony did a little photoshoot!

A gallery of images has recently been shared giving close-ups of the console and accessories; and you'll find all 28 pictures at the bottom of this page.

28 Stunning PS5 Images

The PS5 releases November 12th in the US, Japan, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand and South Korea.

Join us, UK fans and others around the world as we weep due to a week delay for launch, the 19th of November.

As well as the above PS5 accessories are actually being shipped out sooner, on October 20th for the US and November 12th for the UK.

Pricing ranges depending on the version you choose.

The Standard Edition runs at $500/€500/£450 and the Digital Edition is priced at $400/€400/£360.

The difference being one has a disc drive and the other doesn't.

Many reviewers have been sharing images and videos over social media recently.

Although this gives us a look at the console in person, they haven't been the highest quality.

Sony is here to save the day!

They've released 28 images, all in high definition, close-ups and more.

Check out the images shared below!



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