Watch Dogs Legion: All Dart Locations and How To Unlock The Bullseye Trophy
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Watch Dogs Legion: All Dart Locations and How To Unlock The Bullseye Trophy

Nick Farrell
29 October 2020

One-hundred and eighty!

Watch Dogs Legion is now released all over the world is out now.

This is now the third iteration of the Watch Dogs series, as Ubisoft looks like to revolutionize their game with this title.

Now, players are well underway through their adventure in the heart of London.

Throughout your time you will be able to complete some easy trophies and one of these is all the Dart locations.

Let's go over them!


How Many? 

In total, there are 21 Dart locations around the Watch Dogs map as of now.

These are combined in the same location as all of the Drink locations, which we have covered here. 

So, completing one of these challenges will automatically complete the other if you remember to do both!

These Dartboards will take you all over the map, and you will be able to practice your dart skills while doing so. 

Completing all of these will also unlock the Bullseye trophy, which is probably what you are going after!



Since there are 21 locations all over the map, you are going to need to explore some areas you may have never visited.

Powerpyx has posted a great video on YouTube with all of the Dart locations on the Watch Dogs map.

Check it out below, with time codes of each Dart location as well!

Time codes for each Dart location via Powerpyx!

  • 1# – City of Westminster at 0:01
  • 2# – City of Westminster at 1:01
  • 3# – City of Westminster at 1:21
  • 4# – City of Westminster at 1:46
  • 5# – City of Westminster at 2:01
  • 6# – City of Westminster at 2:17
  • 7# – Camden – 2:35
  • 8# – City of London at 2:56
  • 9# – City of London at 3:13
  • 10# – Islington & Hackney at 3:35
  • 11# – Islington & Hackney at 3:56
  • 12# – Tower Hamlets at 4:13
  • 13# – Tower Hamlets at 4:27
  • 14# – Southwark at 4:46
  • 15# – Southwark at 5:02
  • 16# – Lambeth at 5:21
  • 17# – Lambeth at 5:38
  • 18# – Lambeth at 5:56
  • 19# – Lambeth at 6:36
  • 20# – Lambeth at 6:55
  • 21# – Nine Elms at 7:12


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