No Man's Sky Update Today: 3.05 Patch Notes and latest PS4, Xbox and PC changes
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No Man's Sky Update Today: 3.05 Patch Notes and latest PS4, Xbox and PC changes

James Wright
26 October 2020

Hello... Games

New update for No Man's Sky has been released today (October 23), bringing the game up to version 3.05.

What's surprising is that this update has no official patch notes, which is very unlike developer Hello Games.

The new update isn't' even small, it's a good 4.2GB on PS4 (no details on other platforms yet) so should contain some significant changes.

It wouldn't surprise us if the developer is still tweaking the game since the large No Man's Sky Origins update a few weeks back.

But based on reports by the community, there are some new features in this update, including 'Tainted Metal' a new resource found on derelict freighters.

No Man's Sky Update 3.05 (October 26) - Crowd-Sourced Patch Notes

The below will be added to as the community find more changes, or replaced entirely should Hello Games release the full details of update 3.05

  • Tainted metal can be found on derelict freighters
  • Derelicts also have a chance of QS being found in containers, just got 15 QS from one
  • Crew Manifest from derelict freighters can be sold for Tainted Metal

Reminder - Hello Games will continue to release patches as issues are identified and resolved with the game. But they need your help! If you experience any issues, let the devs know by submitting a bug report using the link.

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