FIFA 21: Hakimi To Inter Cheapest Solution For Xbox One, PS4 And PC

We interrupt your evening for a new SBC

Achraf Hakimi has received an SBC in FIFA 21's Ultimate Team for being a special Ones To Watch card!

However, as his card is already in packs he will not be available in the SBC.

But that hasn't stopped EA from celebrating his move by offering players a 'Gold Players Pack'.

Let's take a look at the best solution.


The Bale Is Back SBC went live on the 14th October at 6 pm BST.

It is set to expire on Friday 16th October at 5.59pm BST.


To complete this SBC you will need to submit the following squad:

  • 1 player from Serie A
  • Min. 3 leagues
  • Max. 4 players from the same League
  • 2 rare players
  • 75 rating
  • 80 chemistry
  • 11 players in the team

Cheapest Solution

The SBC is going to cost roughly 3,000-5,000 coins from scratch.

With such easy requirements, your SBC fodder in your club can likely keep this under 2,000 coins.

  • OCHOA (GK)
  • BRUMA (LM)

Solution Tips

There's no doubt that you'll have plenty of untradable players kicking about in your club and getting additional players can be extremely cheap; you can save coins by grabbing these cards on open bids.

As long as you have a Serie A player in your team, you should be able to pick any players you want.

You'll need to pick two clusters of four that have strong links to each other e.g. country and league or league and club.

You can probably get away with the last three players just being in the correct position. Otherwise a soft link connecting all three players should give you enough chemistry.

To get the required rating, you should grab the following players (or equivalent):

  • 1 x 80 rated player
  • 1 x 79 rated player
  • 1 x 78 rated player
  • 1 x 77 rated player
  • 2 x 76 rated player
  • 1 x 75 rated player
  • 1 x 66 rated player
  • 1 x 62 rated player
  • 2 x 59 rated player

These prices may rise over the next few days.


So is it worth it? It's a cheap SBC that will definitely return its value, so it's definitely worth a punt if you have cards sitting in your club and a new TOTW now live.

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