FIFA 21: Axel Witsel Flashback SBC Cheapest Solution, Tips And Review For Xbox One, PS4 And PC
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FIFA 21: Axel Witsel Flashback SBC Cheapest Solution, Tips And Review For Xbox One, PS4 And PC

Chris Trout
13 October 2020

It's another flashback for Witsel, how does this one compare?

Axel Witsel has received an SBC in FIFA 21's Ultimate Team as a special Flashback Card!

Regarded as one of the best midfielders in the game, Witsel has received the first flashback card to celebrate the early stages of his career as an attacking-minded midfielder.

It's an incredibly well-rounded card for this stage of the year and offers plenty of links to top players.

Let's take a look at the best solution.


The Axel Witsel SBC went live on the 13th October at 6 pm BST.

It is set to expire on Thursday 22nd October at 5.59pm BST.


Total Stats: 487

In-Game Stats: 2348

  • PACE 82
    • Acceleration 80
    • Sprint Speed 83
    • Positioning 85
    • Finishing 80
    • Shot Power 86
    • Long Shots 80
    • Volleys 87
    • Penalties 86
  • PASSING 86
    • Vision 86
    • Crossing 73
    • Free Kick 72
    • Short Passing 95
    • Long Passing 90
    • Curve 75
    • Agility 80
    • Balance 76
    • Reactions 89
    • Ball Control 90
    • Dribbling 85
    • Composure 99
  • DEFENSE 86
    • Interceptions 74
    • Heading 75
    • Def. Awareness 74
    • Standing Tackle 72
    • Sliding Tackle 73
    • Jumping 73
    • Stamina 83
    • Strength 74
    • Aggression 73


To get this Axel Witsel Flashback card you will need to submit the following squads:


  • 1 player from Dortmund
  • 84 rated team
  • 70 chemistry
  • 11 players in the team


  • 1 player from Bundesliga
  • 84 rated team
  • 65 chemistry
  • 11 players in the team

Top Form

  • 1 TOTW player
  • 85 rated team
  • 50 chemistry
  • 11 players in the team

Cheapest Solution

The Axel Witsel SBC is going to cost roughly 150,000-170,000 coins from scratch.


  • BURKI (LM)
  • PERIN (RW)


  • PERIN (CB)
  • BURKI (RB)

Top Form

  • SILVA (LB)
  • ANGEL (LM)
  • ONANA (RM)

Solution Tips

The BVB team requires players to pull in a team made up of one league, with the addition of a Dortmund player.

Serie A seems to be the most practical league with the correct ratings and an affordable price.

Burki is undoubtedly the cheapest Dortmund player, sitting at about 4,000-4,500 coins; whilst boasting an 84 rating. You can also investigate Axel Witsel and Guerreiro as similar options.

This is also identical for the Bundesliga team, as the requirements are almost identical.

To reach the team rating you'll need the following players (or equivalent):

  • 2 x 85 rated players
  • 5 x 84 rated players
  • 4 x 82 rated players


  • 3 x 85 rated players
  • 3 x 84 rated players
  • 2 x 83 rated players
  • 2 x 82 rated players
  • 1 x 80 rated player

Finally, for Top Form, you can stick with the same Serie A theme with a few changes.

As the chemistry requirement is low, you won't need to worry too much about who the other players are to get the rating up.

You can grab a few in-form players for cheap to fulfil the requirement and add a bit more chemistry.

You can potentially get ones that are higher rated and you may save money in some other areas by getting lower-rated cards:

  • Francesco Caputo - 13,000 coins
  • Joaquin Sanchez Rodriguez - 12,000 coins
  • Marcel Halstenberg - 13,000 coins
  • Andres Iniesta - 12,500 coins

To reach the team rating you'll need the following players (or equivalent):

  • 1 x 88 rated player
  • 4 x 85 rated players
  • 4 x 84 rated players
  • 1 x 83 rated player
  • 1 x 82 rated player

These prices may rise over the next few days.


So is it worth it? I think you'd be better suited to spending those coins elsewhere.

There's no question this is one of the best midfielders in the game at this point in time, especially in the Bundesliga, but there are some comparable cards out there already.

Players like Storyline Marcel Sabitzer are very comparable and there are a number of players that will suffice for now until they get an upgrade.

I think it will be a few weeks before we start to see cards of a similar nature pop up that will be tradable, including icons.

The Medium/Medium work rates are also slightly off-putting, so he may not do what you want unless assigned to a specific role.

However, if you've got coins to burn, he could feature in your team all the way up until early next year.

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