Overwatch Halloween Skins 2020: Jeff Kaplan & J Allen Brack discuss latest Halloween Terror Skins

Find out what Blizzard President and Vice President had to say about the new Halloween Terror 2020 Skins!

Overwatch Halloween Terror is returning October 13th.

The trailer dropped during the Overwatch League Grand Finals stream this weekend with the event set to end on November 3rd.

During an interview with the Overwatch devs, we got the opportunity to ask about the skins coming this Halloween.

Devs Comment On Halloween Terror Skins

We asked the Overwatch team whether after four years its getting harder to create some of the stunning skins released during holidays.

More specifically we asked about the Halloween skins.

Jeff Kaplan, Vice President and Game Director of Overwatch was first to comment.

"I don't feel like their running out of ideas at all"

"I am so excited for you all to see this years' Halloween skins, they're actually amazing" he continued.

"Not only are the legendaries really good, there are even some epic skins which are really really great"

"You would be shocked how far in advance we're working on these skins too"

Could this mean Christmas skins are already in the works?

Blizzard President, J Allen Brack then went on to comment.

"One of the coolest moments in team meetings that I've been fortunate to sit in with Jeff and his team are different skin reveals or different skin concepts"

"The team continues to one-up themselves in my mind, event after event, year after year"

Personally, most of my favourite skins come from holiday events.

From what's been shown so far of the Halloween Terror event skins, they look great and both Jeff and J Allen were right!

Halloween Terror Trailer


Twitter user OverwatchNaeri took some screenshots from the trailer above.

So far the characters we know are getting skins will include, D.Va, Sigma, Bridgette, Echo, Sombra and Winston.

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