FIFA 21 Ultimate Scream: When Is The FUT Halloween Promo Release Date This Year?
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FIFA 21 Ultimate Scream: When Is The FUT Halloween Promo Release Date This Year?

James Wright
8 October 2020

Scream Team.

It's October and that can only mean one thing. Game companies jumping on the Halloween bandwagon for some spooky events.

FIFA 21 is no exception to this rule. Which seems a bit strange, but I guess every company has to find a way to jump on the annual holiday events.

In the case of EA Sports worldwide football juggernaut, it comes in the form of the FIFA Ultimate Scream promo, which began all the way back in 2017.

What is FIFA 21 Ultimate Scream?

For the sake of anyone new to the game, or maybe players who haven't normally jumped straight into FIFA Ultimate Team from the off, here's a quick rundown of what you can expect.

Now as with any FIFA Ultimate Team event, players can expect to see special player items added to the game, available in unique Halloween Scream packs; alongside new SBCs (Squad-building challenges) and cosmetic items like unique kits.

EA Sports are normally tweaking this event slightly year on year, but we imagine that FIFA 21 will follow the lead of last year.

In the case of FIFA 21, all Ultimate Scream players received a permanent upgrade which lasted throughout FUT 20.

Each Scream Team player also received a different combination of upgrades.

To give you one example that sticks in our memory, it was FIFA 17 and EA released a 91 rated Per Mertesacker FUT card which had 80 pace.

Unreal, not least when you've seen the big German plodding across the Emirates pitch in real life!

When is FIFA 21 Ultimate Scream Released?

The easiest way to look at when FIFA 21 Ultimate Scream will take place, is to look at the start and end dates of past events. So here's a complete rundown:

  • FIFA 17 Ultimate Scream started on Friday Oct 21st at 10am PDT (6PM BST).
  • FIFA 18 Ultimate Scream started on Friday October 20th at 10am PDT (6PM BST).
  • FIFA 19 Ultimate Scream started on Friday October 19th at 10am PDT (6PM BST).
  • FIFA 20 Ultimate Scream started on Friday October 18th at 10am PDT (6PM BST).

The only major change worth noting is that FIFA 20 released two squads a week apart, with the second squad released on Friday, October 25.

With this in mind, it's possible we could see the FIFA 21 Ultimate Scream promo start on October 16th, 2020. This is admittedly a lot sooner than past years, but it would be the third Friday in the month, which is exactly when past promos have got underway.

However, given that FIFA 21 has launched considerably later this year compared to past outings, it seems far more likely that we could see the Ultimate Scream event start the following week on October 23rd, 2020.

So you've got a few more weeks to go before you can start unpacking those scary new FUT players! Stay tuned for updates.

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