Apex Legends Halloween Skins: Dataminer Reveals New Skin Bundles Set To Be Released For 2020

The spooky skins are coming back!


The Apex Legends Fight or Fright Trailer is out now!

The event will kick off on October 22.

Just as we suspected, the Shadow Royale is back on King's Canyon After Dark.

Teammates come back as Shadows to help survivors finish a match, plus there are fresh cosmetics to earn.

Check them out below:

All of these skins look like treats to us

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Halloween is always an exciting time to be playing multiplayer games.

The skins and cosmetics released during the period are always some of the most unique and interesting outfits in games.

This certainly applies to Apex Legends and luckily for us, there isn't too long to wait.

According to @Shrugtal, the Halloween event begins on October 22nd.

But what skins, bundles and cosmetics can expect to see this year?

Well, @Shrugtal has revealed the bundles coming with this year's Halloween event.

Let's check them out and see what classic spooky skins are making a return.

Halloween Bundles And Skins

This information is courtesy of @Shrugtal, who has found what bundles are being released for Apex's Halloween event.

The community will be glad to know there are quite a few classic Halloween skins making a return.

Check them out:

La Cantrina Bundle

The Last Laugh Bundle

Deadly Byte Bundle

Protector Of The Patch Bundle

Monster Mashed Bundle

Winged Menace Bundle

Green Widow Bundle

Emerald Enchantress Bundle

It's great to see some of the classic Halloween skins returning with some exciting new variants.

It won't be long before you can pick up a spooky skin and jump into Shadow Royale.

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