AdvanceClub Launches in Partnership With Bugha and MrSavage - A New Way To Improve Your Game
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AdvanceClub Launches in Partnership With Bugha and MrSavage - A New Way To Improve Your Game

Nick Farrell
6 October 2020

Class Is In Session

Today, AdvanceClub a new medium for aspiring esports professional players to hone and improve their game has launched.

Based in San Jose, California; the company is backed Bullpen Capital, GoAhead Ventures, Lightbank, and PlayNext and will offer classes by some of Fortnite's biggest stars. 

In a press release, they addressed why AdvanceClass was founded with:

"AdvanceClub was founded to address this significant opportunity by providing gamers with the inspiration, learning, training, and practice resources they need to realize their full potential."


3 Pillars

AdvanceClub is going to be your one-stop location for all your needs to improve as a player, they have noted they were founded in three pillars: 

"AdvanceClub is built on three pillars: Learn, Train and Play. The learning pillar is comprised of Advance Class and Club Now video content. Advance Classes are cinematic, comprehensive documentary-style video series created by the world’s best pros. AdvanceClub launches today with Advance Classes from Bugha and MrSavage, who share timeless insights, strategies, techniques and tips for Fortnite which are not available anywhere else online."

Along with the in-depth videos posted on their website, you will also be able to get 1-on-1 tutorials with some of the premier Fortnite coaches. 

"In addition to the learning pillar, AdvanceClub members also have access to experienced, vetted coaches for training sessions such as personalized VOD reviews or 1-on-1 tutorials. They can also play in exclusive Members Cup tournaments, allowing them to apply their learnings and to win cash prizes"


Professional Players

AdvanceClass is highlighted by three prominent players within the Fortnite scene along with one of the premier coaches. 

Led by Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf, the 17-year-old is best known for being crowned the 2019 Fortnite World Cup champion. and has established himself as one of the best players of all time. 

Bugha had the following to say about his partnership with AdvanceClass: 

“My Advance Class was created so I could give back to my loyal fans and the Fortnite community”

“Every day on stream I’m asked for advice on things like how to prepare, how to improve and how to manage different in-game situations. I’ve partnered with AdvanceClub to create my personal Advance Class as a way to answer all of these questions and make it simple to watch all in one location. I really hope all the lessons and insights I've provided in my Advance Class will be beneficial for all Fortnite gamers and enthusiasts.”

Another player that is spearheading the launch of AdavanceClass is Martin “MrSavage” Foss Andersen, a Norwegian professional Fortnite player who was most recently victorious at the Dreamhack Anaheim event back in February. 

 MrSavage had this to say about AdvanceClub: 

"I partnered with AdvanceClub because I believe in their vision of powering the growth of gamers within esports”

“If I had access to the information in the AdvanceClasses a few years back, I would’ve progressed so much faster in my career.”

Joining the two is another household name within the Fortnite community and this is Tim "Bizzle" Miller, a professional player from Long Island, New York.

Bizzle is best known for being the winningest Fortnite player of all time prior to the 2019 World Cup and has seen unparalleled success at the LAN level, with his most recent performance being second at Dreamhack Anaheim. 


Pro Coaches

Along with the following professional players, AdvanceClub is also going to be offering tutorials and sessions with some of the top coaches.

Although the Pro Coaches section is not available as of now, it is highlighted by ImSpeedyGonzalez; a long-standing Fortnite competitive coach and analyst. 


Sign Up?

If you are looking to improve your game and potentially compete with some of the best one day, head over to to sign up and get coached by these amazing talents!

For further questions regarding AdvanceClub, direct all questions to Steve Caracappa via [email protected].


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