FIFA 21: How To Do A Drag Back On PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X And PC

Open up some breathing room.

FIFA 21 goes into Early Access this Friday, and that means you can be on the pitch in a matter of hours.

As with every title, subtle changes will mean the game plays differently to FIFA 21.

The drag back is a key tool in any dribbler's arsenal.

Here's how to do it.

FIFA 21: How To Do A Drag Back

The Drag Back is popular for both its effectiveness and its simplicity.

Your player will need to have a two-star Skill Move rating to use it, though.

It allows your player to change direction with relative ease, while keeping themselves between the ball and the opponent.

It can be used to open up shooting chances, or spot a killer pass.

While it's easy to do, control-wise at least, it's something that takes practice to master.

You'll want to hold RB or R1 and move your left stick in the direction you want your player to move.

It's a great way to throw a defender off, and if you time it when they're slide tackling, you can often win a penalty or a free-kick by protecting the ball with your body.

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