Nintendo Switch Pro: Release Date, Price, Games, And More For Nintendo's Rumoured Upgrade
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Nintendo Switch Pro: Release Date, Price, Games, And More For Nintendo's Rumoured Upgrade

Lloyd Coombes
28 September 2020

Nintendo could be about to switch things up again.

Nintendo's latest console, the Switch, has undoubtedly been a huge success for the company.

Combining the convenience of a handheld console with incredible titles you'd usually expect to play on your TV, the console has enjoyed a strong three and a half years on the market - despite a quiet 2020 release schedule.

Of course, Nintendo gonna Nintendo, which means a rumoured revision of the Switch (dubbed the "Super Switch" or "Switch Pro") has been rumoured for months.

Here's everything we know about the potentially more powerful Switch.

Why Do We Expect A Switch Pro?

Nintendo has long been known to iterate on the designs of its handheld consoles, with the likes of the DS and 3DS getting almost constant revisions.

Between that history and the more recent Switch Lite (and the more subtle improvements made under the hood to the base Switch), there's every chance the company is looking to eke out more power from the platform.

Switch Pro Release Date

The company has previously noted that there are no plans to introduce a new Switch model in 2020, but the future looks less than certain.

We'd expect the possibility of a 2021 announcement to be a likely one, although the current COVID-19 situation makes it nowhere near a guarantee.

Switch Pro Key Features

Both the current, updated Switch and the Switch Lite offer more efficient batteries, but if this new revision is more powerful, it could prove tricky to ensure a lower rate of power consumption.

Still, this upgrade was afforded by a newer internal chip, one which could potentially offer a bit more grunt than the current Switch's internals.

Rumours have suggested that a Switch Pro will ditch the Tegra X1 architecture, potentially moving to custom Nvidia hardware.

In September 2020, Nintendo began to request that developers make their games 4K ready, which many assumed meant we'd get 4K visuals.

Instead, there's a chance that Nintendo will look to use DLSS AI upscaling which will boost the existing visuals to a higher resolution. 

Will The Switch Pro Play Exclusive Games?

Nintendo's previous hardware revisions have offered very little in terms of exclusive games for the most part, but the company has often promoted a game alongside a new console.

While we don't expect something like Breath of the Wild 2 will be an exclusive for a Switch Pro, there's every chance its marketing will be tied to a new console if one does come to fruition.

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