How to get £15 BACK when you buy any next-gen controller, accessory, game or console!

Kit out your next-gen console for less

Upgrading to a next-gen console can be expensive. Not only do you have to fork out for the console itself but then you've also got to budget for extra controllers, new accessories and more-expensive games, it's a pricey proposition. So your bank balance will need every advantage it can get if you want to keep up. 

That's why you might be glad to hear about a hot Top Cashback deal which can give you £15 BACK, from a selection of gaming retailers, when you sign up for an account and make a purchase.

Keep reading to learn all the important details about this deal, and how exactly you can claim it...

You could get £15 back on any gaming purchase over £15

By signing up to TopCashback using our affiliate link, you can get £15 cashback when you spend £15 at one of the many gaming retailers that are partnered with Top Cashback. It really is that simple!

GAME, the UK's main gaming representative on the high street, is included in the deal. So you could, for example, pick up a PS5 controller, headset or Media Remote from GAME and get £15 back!

Or if you're more of an Xbox person, you could use this deal to claim £15 back when you buy a Shock Blue controller for the Xbox Series X/S - or perhaps the official Charge & Play kit is more your cup of tea?

Alternatively, you could use this offer to claim £15 back on an actual game: for example, there is already a pre-order page for Call Of Duty: Black Ops - Cold War live on the GAME website. The Xbox version is listed at £69.99, so a £15 saving could make a huge difference there.

You could also use this Top Cashback deal to claim £15 back on a next-gen console pre-order. Right now, the Xbox Series S seems to be the only next-gen console in stock at GAME. But claiming £15 back is one way to make this 'affordable' console even cheaper!

How do I get this hot deal?

The deal will only work for NEW TopCashback customers, so you will need to make a new account to claim the deal.

Taking advantage of this amazing cashback offer is simple, though. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Sign up for a TopCashback account using our affiliate link
  2. Search for the gaming retailer through which you wish to make your purchase
  3. Click from the retailer's TopCashback page onto the retailer's own website
  4. Make a purchase as normal (the minimum spend is £15 and you will be charged the price listed)
  5. Once the cashback from the retailer is processed, you'll see it pop up in your account!
  6. Each customer is limited to one cashback payment of £15 as part of this offer - so choose wisely, and make your next-gen upgrade that little bit cheaper!

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