Modern Warfare Season 6: All New Operators - Farah, Nikolai And Griggs, Primis Nikolai Skin Also Coming!
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Modern Warfare Season 6: All New Operators - Farah, Nikolai And Griggs, Primis Nikolai Skin Also Coming!

Jonno Nicholson
25 September 2020

Farah and Nikolai join the fight!

The beginning of Season 6 for Modern Warfare and Warzone is right around the corner.

As the hype slowly begins to build, Activision and Infinity Ward are beginning to unveil some of the new additions to both Modern Warfare and Warzone.

The first of the new additions are two new recruits that will be joining the arsenal of Operators. Say hello to Farah and Nikolai!

For those familiar with the Modern Warfare campaign, these two characters need no introduction. Let’s delve a little deeper into the stories of the new Operators.


Modern Warfare Season 6 Operators

Farah is one of two new Operators arriving in Season 6

Having survived imprisonment from Roman Barkov in the Modern Warfare campaign, the Commander of the Urzikstani Liberation Force joins the Chimera branch of the Allegiance, reuniting with former scout Iskra.

Armed with a set of skills honed by SAS training, Farah is someone that should not be taken lightly on the battlefield.

Farah can be unlocked as soon as the new season begins at Tier 0 of the new Battle Pass. A variety of skins and other rewards can be earned by working your way through her Operator Missions.


Warzone Season 6 Operators

Nikolai is set to continue his hunt for Zakhaev in Season 6

Throughout the majority of the Modern Warfare storyline, Nikolai is often called upon to bail out Task Force 141 and long-time friend Captain Price.

The Chimera leader co-operated with Kamarov, Price and Kate Laswell to build an armistice suitable to stop a new version of Al-Qatala.

After the armistice collapsed, Nikolai has taken to the Verdansk Metro in his latest bid to stop Zakhaev making his plans a reality.

To unlock Nikolai, reach Tier 100 of the Season 6 Battle Pass. Like Farah, complete Nikolai’s Operator Missions to earn skins and other rewards.

Not only that, it looks like Nikolai will get a skin variant! Nikolai shares the same name as the legendary Zombie slayer Nikolai Belinski.

As spotted in one of the advertising images, he can be spotted making his way down the stairs with his squad.

As the Black Ops Cold War story starts to bleed into the Warzone universe, we can expect to see more crossovers like this.

Nikolai was first introduced in the World At War zombies map Shi No Numa and has become a staple character within the zombies story.

The Primis version of Nikolai was established in Origins during Black Ops 2.


It's also rumoured that we will get Griggs as an Operator in the mid-season update.

How To Unlock Farah And Nikolai?

Both Operators will be available in the brand new battle pass that accompanies Season 6.

Farrah will be unlocked at level 1 and Nikolai will be available at level 100.

It's currently unknown how to unlock the Primis skin for Nikolai.

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