Medieval Dynasty: Flax Seed Location Guide

Here's where to find Flax Seeds in Medieval Dynasty and how to use them!

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Farming is a huge part of the game, its the main way those in medieval times survived.

Flax can be a crop to grow in-game.

Here's what it's for and how to find it in Medieval Dynasty!

Medieval Dynasty Flax

Flax is a resource in Medieval Dynasty.

It can only be planted in the Spring.

When planted in Spring it will be ready to harvest next season in the Summer.

Flax can be made into linen thread which can then be used to make bows, fishnets and more!

Make sure to plant a lot of flax to make it worthwhile, many recipes use a large quantity of it.

Flax Seed Location

Only one vendor sells flax seeds in the game.

Travel to Branica, NOT Baranica, either way, they're next to each other so no stress if you go to the wrong one.

We've marked Branica's location on the map for you below!

Here you'll find Lubomira, she sells a variety of things from bags to linen thread.

Buy however many flax seeds you want, they cost 20 for each unit.

Flax can be really useful so it might be worth investing in! Happy farming!

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