Apex Legends 'Fight Or Fight' Event LEAKS: Release Date And Times, Patch Notes, Rewards, Skins And Everything You Need To Know About The Halloween Event

Respawn have got something spooky in the works.

With Halloween on the horizon, October is about to get a whole lot spookier in Apex Legends.

The question is, what spooky event does Respawn have in store for us this year?

Last year's 'Fight or Fright' event was a huge success and it looks like Apex are bringing it back for one more ride.

However, you can always count on Halloween to deliver some amazing cosmetics and Season 6 has been an interesting period for the battle royale game.

Let's check what new information we know about the 2020 Halloween event.

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Latest News

Skins Leaked - 19th October

Shrugtal has leaked all of the upcoming Halloween skins for this year's event.

Release Date

The Halloween event begins from October 22nd to November 3rd.


New LTM: Shadow Royale

The game mode is called 'Shadow Royale'.

Shadow Royale starts like any other trios match, but when you die you will be raised from the dead in a powerful "Shadow Form" to exact vengeance on your killers and help carry your squad to victory.

Armed with a brutal melee attack, enhanced mobility and blistering speed, you will terrorize other squads and protect your own with infinite Shadow lives until your living teammates are eliminated or you emerge victorious as the last living squad.

Once a squad is eliminated, the shadows will also disappear.

Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Haunting Prize Track

This year, Fight or Fright contains a prize track with all-new exclusive rewards.

Check out everything you can earn below:

Skins And Cosmetics

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