GTA Online: Where To Find Movie Prop Collectibles And Unlock The Space Interloper Outfit
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GTA Online: Where To Find Movie Prop Collectibles And Unlock The Space Interloper Outfit

Alex Garton
21 September 2020

Let's check out how you can unlock the Space Interloper Outfit

GTA Online has a range of unique and interesting outfits for players to wear.

If you're a collector of these outfits and cosmetics, the Space Interloper Outfit is not one to miss.

The cosmetic is the reward for completing Solomon's Movie Prop mission.

The props are spread across the map in range of locations.

Let's check how you can get the mission done fast and obtain the alien outfit.

Solomon's Movie Props Mission

In order to complete the mission, you'll need to collect all the missing props.

Unfortunately, that can be quite complicated when their location is unknown.

Luckily for us, players have created a map that shows us the exact location of each prop.

Check it out below:

Courtesy of Rockstar Games

A number of the props can simply be found on their own for players to discover.

However, some of them will be carried in vehicles.

Players will have to chase these vehicles to obtain the prop.

Check out the exact spawn locations below:

Vehicle Spawns:

  • Rumpo Van - Heading west across San Andreas Avenue Bridge in La Mesa
  • Pony Van - Kortz Center Parking Lot, heading up Tongva Drive
  • Rebel Pickup - Near Procopio Truck Shop, heading east up Great Ocean Highway

Fixed Prop Spawns:

  • Mummy Head - On the porch of an old house, North-West of Harmony.
  • Headdress - In the bathroom of the Diamond Casino
  • Alien Head - On the Beam Me Up mural
  • Monster Head - On the rocks west of Altruist Camp
  • Meltdown Film Reel - Outside of Solomon's office next to a bin
  • WIFA Award - Back office of the Vanilla Unicorn
  • Clapperboard - Desk of office at Fort Zancudo

Once you've collected all the props, you'll need to return them to Solomon's office.

For completing the mission you'll be awarded with $150,000 and the Space Interloper Outfit.

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