Black Ops Cold War: MP5 Gunsmith Setup, Best Attachments And Loadout For Your Class
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Black Ops Cold War: MP5 Gunsmith Setup, Best Attachments And Loadout For Your Class

Jonno Nicholson
20 September 2020

Struggling to master the MP5 on Black Ops Cold War? We have got you covered!

The MP5 is a weapon synonymous with the Call of Duty franchise and after being one of the strongest weapons from Modern Warfare, it returns to Black Ops Cold War.

After playing with the SMG for many years, this iteration of the weapon is one of the more accurate SMGs on offer, but does fall short in other areas.

In 1974, the MP5SD was introduced, which is a suppressed variant of the MP5, which was used in the Vietnam War in 1975 by the Green Berets.

Known for its ease of control when firing and outstanding agility, the MP5 is still a solid choice despite its shortcomings.

With so many attachment combinations to choose from, what is the very best loadout for this solid SMG?


For those looking for a weapon with a bit more control than the AK74u, the MP5 is certainly a viable alternative.

The MP5 definitely has the edge over the AK74u at range, enabling you to easily secure kills at longer distances.

Thanks to that additional range, a range of attachment combinations can be selected to suit all styles of play.

MP5 Best Attachments

  • Quickdot LED (Optic)
  • Sound Suppressor (Muzzle)
  • 9.9” Extended (Barrel)
  • Foregrip (Underbarrel)
  • SWAT 5mw Laser Sight (Body)
  • Tactical Stock (Stock)
  • Fast Mag (Magazine)
  • Quickdraw Handle (Handle)

With a total of eight attachments equipped to the MP5, its flaws are completely diminished.

All of the selected attachments drastically increase mobility, accuracy, and reload speed thanks to the Fast Mag.

The addition of the Quickdot LED optic enables you to see clearly when targeting an enemy. It greatly improves accuracy, especially when engaging with a target from a distance.

If you find yourself running out of ammo far too quickly, switch the Fast Mag out for the 40 Round Speed Mag, which gives you additional bullets in the clip while maintaining an increase in reload speed.

Black Ops Cold War MP5

MP5: A staple of Call of Duty history returns


  • Cigma 2

Rather than selecting a shotgun or a pistol, it’s important to be the team player which is why I have chosen the Cigma 2 launcher as my secondary weapon of choice.

It may not be as fun as running around a building with a shotgun, but it plays a pivotal role in keeping your team in the battle rather than looking at a killcam.

Use it to take down Spy Planes and more importantly, Attack Helicopters. Choppers on Black Ops Cold War are some of the strongest Scorestreaks to select, and with some of the maps containing very little cover, shoot it out the sky as quickly as possible!


  • C4 (Lethal)

Like any other Call of Duty, C4 always packs a punch and on Black Ops Cold War, it’s no different!

Use it to blow up vehicles with ease or throw it into the middle of your smoke grenade for a nasty surprise for anyone who dares to walk through the mist!


  • Smoke Grenade (Tactical)

Field Upgrade

  • Jammer

The Jammer is the perfect field upgrade to go alongside the MP5. It can be used in a variety of ways to halt the momentum of the opposition and swing the game in your favour.

Place it in a Domination point to disrupt all enemy activity in the vicinity, giving you and your team the perfect opportunity to perform a well-executed offence to secure control.


  • Tactical Mask 
  • Tracker
  • Ghost

With the MP5 already kitted out with all the attachments imaginable, three perks will still offer you an advantage.

Tactical Mask will provide some much-needed resistance to any Flashbangs or Stun Grenades that head your way, while Tracker gives you the ability to see an imprint of enemy footsteps, giving you a perfect chance to flank and take them down from behind.

Last but not least is Ghost. This perk will keep you hidden from Spy Planes when traversing the map. It will also keep you covered when controlling any Scorestreaks.


  • Gunfighter

With each wildcard offering a huge advantage, I opted for Gunfighter in order to extract the most performance from the MP5.

You could select Danger Close for some additional utility if you’re wanting to add a bit more firepower to the loadout but with eight attachments, it’s a sensible decision to stick with the attachments over utility.

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