Fall Guys: Rare Easter Egg Drops Player Into A Match With Dead Jellybeans


Fall Guys as a title can be described as 'Family Friendly'.

It's a colourful and entertaining game that appeals to players of all ages.

However, a new easter egg has been discovered that has a disturbing twist.

Let's check out everything we know about the easter egg.

Secret Easter Egg

This easter egg isn't something every player will be able to access.

It's all based on luck and arriving in the right match.

A player will be spawned in a normal match but instead of human competitors, hundreds of dead jellybeans will surround the player.

@PrinxessTi first experienced the easter and thought she had broken the game.

Check out her tweet below:

It turns out the encounter was added by Mediatonic as a rare easter egg.

They announced the news via their twitter.

It must have been a strange experience for @PrinxessTi.

It's certainly a cool and interesting easter egg.

No one expects to load into a match with hundreds of dead jellybeans around them.

Let's hope Mediatonic adds more of these rare encounters into the game.

Easter eggs are appreciated in every title.

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