Apex Legends Season 7: Hammond Robotics Logo Bug Appears In-Game

Things in Apex Legends are getting out of this world...

Season 6 has been littered with bugs such as those involving Octane's double jump, Wattson's invisible electric fences and more.

This is always expected with a new season though.

Well, a Redditor has spotted something whilst dropping in which could be linked to Season 7.

Hammon Robotics Logo Bug

Well-known data miner and Apex Legends news source Biast12 took to Twitter to share a Reddit post.

The post reads, "So this came on Reddit today, it looks like the Hammond logo Got bugged, this is placed on a really interesting place because it's over at the direction where the Skybox for the UFO is"

"So this could very well be the place where the UFO is gonna land" he continued.

His post was titled "I found a Hammond Robotics logo above Skyhook. What could this mean?"

Another user, theA1L12E5X24 commented that Respawn has a bit of a habit doing this, it looks like it could be a teaser...

In both Season 3 and Season 5, Hammond Robotics logos were appearing in-game (see below), these areas then changed in the next map update, such as in Season 5 the rocket arrived.

Could this be where the UFO will land and might that be in Season 7?

If the UFO is over Skyhook it would make sense as players could use the space elevator to get to it.

Let us know what you think this might be!

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