Fall Guys: Beware Of This Kudos Scam On Steam And PS4
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Fall Guys: Beware Of This Kudos Scam On Steam And PS4

Gemma Le Conte
15 September 2020

Make sure you don't FALL for this scam!

Mediatonic, creators of Fall Guys have commented on recent Kudos (in-game currency) scams.

These scams result in stolen information of PS4 and Steam players.

Find out more to prevent this happening to you!

Steam And PS4 Kudos Scam

Scams have been around pretty much since games and the internet became an every-day use.

Multiplayer and online gaming saw a rise in scams involving selling free in-game currency, items and more.

Pretty much any game you can think of probably has a scam floating about somewhere.

Due to this, many games actually include loading screens and "facts" which warn players not to fall for it.

Well, it seems Fall Guys couldn't escape this issue, with scams appearing within just the first few weeks of its release.

It's no surprise that scammers are targeting Fall Guys, being one of the most played games in the world right now.

Having such a broad age range of players, some are more susceptible and are prime targets for scammers.

These scams offer free Kudos to players.

Mediatonic have responded on Twitter to many who have fallen victim to this issue by telling players never to give away their Steam or PSN details as it's not possible to transfer Kudos simply with account details.

"They're stealing your password and account," the Fall Guys Twitter account said.

"Never type your Steam/PS passwords into a random website." they finished.

Unfortunately, there isn't much of a solution to stopping these scams apart from lawsuits.

Even then, scams are constantly popping up and would just replace those taken down.

Sadly, it seems scams will forever be an aspect of the gaming world, so its best to educate those who aren't aware of them, especially the younger generation.

Fingers crossed it will become a thing of the past but as of now, it's nice to see game developers actually looking out for their players.

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