Black Ops Cold War: Devs Looking To Prevent "Slide Cancel"

Sliding into danger.

Black Ops Cold War will arrive later this year, and while some players have been getting to play the alpha, it sounds as though there are plenty of changes coming.

According to Tony Flame, lead game designer at Treyarch (and owner of a pretty ridiculously cool name), the devs are taking a look at feedback around sliding.

Black Ops Cold War Sliding Changes

Check out Flame's tweet below.

For anyone wondering, slide cancelling is essentially a method of increasing your character's ADS speed by sprinting, then initiating a slide before cancelling, all with super quick inputs.

It essentially means you can poke your head around cover a little quicker, and raise your gun faster.

It was particularly infuriating in Modern Warfare, before eventually being patched, but it seems to have found its way into the alpha for Black Ops Cold War.

Thankfully, Flame's tweet suggests it'll be looked into in the very near future, and shouldn't be a problem when the beta launches.

You can find everything we know about the beta here.

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