Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War: All Wildcards Confirmed In COD 2020
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Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War: All Wildcards Confirmed In COD 2020

Chris Trout
11 September 2020

Time for a Wildcard

Black Ops Cold War gameplay is now out in the wild and it looks like a bright future is ahead for Call of Duty.

As we return back to the Cold War era, we can get a glimpse of what equipment will be used during the Open Beta.

Here is all of the confirmed equipment in Black Ops Cold War's multiplayer.

All Confirmed Wildcards In Black Ops Cold War

So far, only a few Wildcards have been confirmed, here are the rumoured and confirmed pieces of equipment so far:

  • Danger Close
  • Law Breaker
  • Gunfighter
  • Allows 6 Perks at once

Wildcards have featured in past Black Ops titles, first introduced during Black Ops 2.

It allows players to change the rules and limitations in place for their custom classes to switch up their approach and benefit stronger aspects of their game.

Danger Close allows a player to equip an extra lethal and tactical equipment, as well as start with max ammo. So if you're someone that goes on lengthy streaks, this is perfect for you.

Law Breaker lets you equip any weapon in either slot and any perks. This is a mixture of 'Overkill' from past Call of Duty games (allowing you to have two primary weapons) and 'Perk Greed', which lets you equip more perks from the same perk slot/tier.

Traditionally, you can only equip 1 perk from each tier, but this allows you to bypass that so you can, for example, equip two 'Perk 1' perks. This is great for those that like to run a sniper, but don't want to rely on a sidearm.

Gunfighter will give you the opportunity to equip 3 additional attachment slots, so you can have up to 8 attachments on a weapon. With all weapons allowing up to 5 attachments, this is perfect for those who are talented with the firearms and want this area of their game to shine.

Finally, Perk Greed lets players equip an extra 3 perks, so you can have a total of 6. With players already allowed 3 perks, this will allow more in-depth classes for certain objective game modes like Search and Destroy and Domination.

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