Black Ops Cold War: Satellite Map Guide
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Black Ops Cold War: Satellite Map Guide

Jonno Nicholson
9 September 2020

Get familiar with Satellite with our guide.

We have got our first look at multiplayer of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War!

Treyarch multiplayer director David Vonderhaar unveiled a wealth of details surrounding the mode, including details on maps, game modes and so much more.

In this article, find out everything you need to know about Satelite, a map set in the Angolan desert.

Map Design

Black Ops Cold War Satellite

Based off the footage revealed, Satellite differs from the classic three-lane map design. It appears that Satellite offers elements of verticality, with the fallen satellite being the central focal point of the map, giving players the height advantage along with the ability to lock down numerous lines of sight.

Surrounding the satellite are a number of narrow lanes in between the rocky outcrops. These pathways are perfect for running and gunning or picking off enemies from afar with a sniper.

Tips and Tricks

Black Ops Cold War Satellite

1) The Height Advantage

With the satellite being the highest point of the map, securing control of the middle of the map is a sure-fire way of working towards a victory.

Utilise assault rifles and snipers to pick off the opposition at long distance but be aware of players using the Ninja perk who may attempt to sneak through your line of defence and take control of the middle.

2) Run and Gun

If you find yourself running for cover from those in control of the central area, you can still make an impact on the map even when you aren’t near the satellite.

Sprint and slide around the corners armed with a quick-firing sub-machine gun or a high-impact shotgun to eliminate any resistance with ease.

3) A Sniper's Paradise

Regardless of location, equipping an L96 with eight attachments is always a great way to dominate a line of sight.

Lock down the rocky outcrops from the satellite or make use of an off-angle to take down anyone not paying attention from above

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