Apex Legends: Respawn Disables DUMMIES Big Day LTM Following Server-Crashing Glitch

Spitting the DUMMIES out.

Apex Legends Season 6 is here, but there have been a few bugs that Respawn has needed to squash so far.

Fresh off Rampart being able to glitch into the game's sizeable loot vaults and Wattson's electric fences turning invisible, a new glitch has prevented players from enjoying the DUMMIES Big Day LTM.

Apex Legends LTM Removed Following Glitch

According to the official Apex Legends Twitter account, the team discovered a bug that crashes a server if a player is idle during character select.

The Tweet reads: "We're hitting pause on the party. After DUMMIES Big Day went live, we discovered a bug that caused server crashes if a player AFKed on character select."

"For the health of the game and our players, we're turning it off and working on a fix with details to come as we have them."

It's a shame, as the current event is cycling in previous limited-time modes and skins as a celebration of sorts.

A server crash is no small matter though, so expect Respawn to push a fix through in the coming days to give the DUMMIES, the game's tutorial targets, their time in the sun.

The mode lets players take control of the dummies, and summon random loot with a button press.

They also get three different Ultimate abilities, meaning they can multiply using decoys, rain loot from the sky, or heal themselves and their team.

New seasons often bring a slew of bugs and exploits, but Season 6 seems to introduce a new one weekly.

We've already reported on how all knockdown shields (except for the gold variant) are essentially useless in this season. Find out why here.

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