Black Ops Cold War: Nuketown Map DLC Details Leaked?
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Black Ops Cold War: Nuketown Map DLC Details Leaked?

Chris Trout
3 September 2020

This town isn't big enough...

With each passing day, it seems more and more information about Black Ops Cold War is being leaked.

There was an extensive period during the summer where we knew very little. However, the game has been revealed to the world and soon the multiplayer will get to share the spotlight.

One of the topics that has popped up regards the classic maps supposedly returning to the game; including Nuketown.

As it has in the past, it will reportedly return as DLC, but not as we've known it.

Nuketown DLC Details Leaked

Prominent Call of Duty leaker @_TomHenderson_ has tweeted some details about Nuketown that may not be a big surprise.

Yes, the map will return in Black Ops Cold War; which we had already been told months ago.

But this version of Nuketown will be identical to the original.

THROWBACK: Do you remember your first match here?

Tom points out that this makes sense, due to the era that it's in. Most of the game appears to be set in the 1980s, meaning the humble hometown should get a deserving facelift.

But we can certainly understand, why it's being left alone.

Nuketown was given an overhaul for its reintroduction in Black Ops 2, 3 and 4.

Nuketown in Black Ops 2, also known as 'Nuketown 2025', took the "Mid-Century modern style home" and brought it into the future with a 1960s retro-futuristic "Home of the Future"theme.

It was available for free at launch for those that pre-ordered the game, purchased a launch copy, or purchased the Hardened edition or the "Care Package" limited special edition of the game.

NUKETOWN 2025: We're just five years away from the "home of the future"

When it appeared again in Black Ops 3, Treyarch took the futuristic concept and cranked it up to 10.

Renaming it 'Nuk3town', it was available to users that pre-ordered the game before being made free in March 2016.

NUK3TOWN: Black Ops 3's version is set in 2065

Black Ops 4, however, took a different direction and went with a Russian Winter theme for the map.

NUKETOWN 2043: Treyarch's fourth version was moved to a different location

It's also interesting how he notes that a release date is not yet known, meaning it's not currently a pre-order bonus. Nuketown has traditionally been a pre-order bonus for Black Ops games, but instead, may be added later in the year.

Originally, we assumed that Nuketown would be one of the out-of-the-box maps, as well as other classic maps such as Jungle, Summit and Firing Range (which have already been rumoured to return).

Tom has theorised that we could receive a "Black Ops Originals" season with throwback DLC maps. He also suggests that they could just be added periodically throughout the seasons.

It makes sense to release these maps as the game progresses, it will no doubt have been tough to work under such difficult circumstances this year; not to mention that Treyarch was thrown into the project late and with less time than usual.

Modern Warfare successfully brought new and old maps as the year went on and if the model is staying the same, it won't be surprising to see Treyarch dip into the archives.

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