FIFA 21 Ultimate Team: FUT 21 Pack List, Prices & Content
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FIFA 21 Ultimate Team: FUT 21 Pack List, Prices & Content

Matt Thomas
30 August 2020

The full list of packs coming to FIFA 21, as well as prices and contents for each pack!

Packs are a vital part of FIFA 21 Ultimate Team, with dozens of various players packs, contract packs, reward packs, and SBC packs available to buy or earn through the game.

Here is a full list of all the packs coming in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team complete with coin and FIFA Point prices, as well as all the contents of each, including players, consumables and other customisation items.

Be sure to keep this page bookmarked, as we’ll be updating it throughout FUT 21 with all the new packs that get announced and dropped during the year!

Regular Packs

Pack Name (Items #)CoinsFIFA PointsPlayersConsumablesItemsGoldSilverBronzeRares
Bronze Pack (12)400-✔️✔️✔️--121
Premium Bronze Pack (12)750-✔️✔️✔️--123
Silver Pack (12)2,50050✔️✔️✔️-12-1
Premium Silver Pack (12)3,75075✔️✔️✔️-12-3
Gold Pack (12)5,000100✔️✔️✔️12--1
Premium Gold Pack (12)7,500150✔️✔️✔️12--3

Promo Packs

Pack Name (Items #)CoinsFIFA PointsPlayersConsumablesItemsGoldSilverBronzeRares
Gold Contracts Pack (4)800-✔️4---
Jumbo Bronze Pack (24)800-✔️✔️✔️--243
Bronze Players Pack (12)1,250-✔️--121
Jumbo Premium Bronze Pack (24)1,50075✔️✔️✔️--247
Premium Bronze Players Pack (12)1,800-✔️--123
Consumables Pack (12)3,00050✔️12--1
Jumbo Silver Pack (24)4,000100✔️✔️✔️-24-3
Gold 13 Pack (13)5,000100✔️✔️✔️13--1
Silver Players Pack (12)5,000100✔️-12-1
Premium Silver Players Pack (12)7,000150✔️-12-3
Premium Gold 13 Pack (13)7,500150✔️✔️✔️13--3
Jumbo Premium Silver Pack (24)7,500150✔️✔️✔️-24-7
League Premium Silver Pack (12)10,000200✔️✔️✔️12--3
Jumbo Gold Pack (24)10,000200✔️✔️✔️24--3
Gold Players Pack (12)12,500250✔️12--1
Premium Electrum Players Pack (12)12,500250✔️66-3
Silver Upgrade Pack (12)15,00050✔️✔️-12--
Jumbo Premium Gold Pack (24)15,000300✔️✔️✔️24--7
Rare Consumables Pack (12)20,000400✔️12--12
Prime Electrum Players Pack (12)20,000400✔️66-6
Premium Gold Players Pack (12)25,000350✔️12--3
Rare Gold Pack (12)25,000500✔️✔️✔️12--12
Gold Upgrade Pack (12)30,00075✔️12---
League Premium Players Pack (12)30,000400✔️12--3
Rare Electrum Players Pack (12)30,000600✔️66-12
Mega Pack (30)35,000700✔️✔️✔️30--18
Prime Gold Players Pack (12)45,000600✔️12--6
Jumbo Premium Gold Players Pack (24)50,000700✔️24--7
Rare Players Pack (12)50,0001,000✔️12--12
Prime Gold Defenders Pack (12)55,000750✔️12--6
Prime Gold Midfielders Pack (12)55,000750✔️12--6
Prime Gold Forwards Pack (12)55,000750✔️12--6
League Prime Players Pack (12)55,000750✔️12--6
Rare Mega Pack (30)55,0001,100✔️✔️✔️30--30
Rare Gold Defenders Pack (12)62,5001,250✔️12--12
Rare Gold Midfielders Pack (12)62,5001,250✔️12--12
Rare Gold Forwards Pack (12)62,5001,250✔️12--12
Jumbo Rare Players Pack (12)100,0002,000✔️24--24
Ultimate Pack (30)125,0002,500✔️30--30

Free Packs / SBC Packs / Reward Packs

Pack Name (Items #)CoinsFIFA PointsPlayersConsumablesItemsGoldSilverBronzeRares
Starting Pack (34)FREEFREE✔️✔️✔️3229-
All Players Pack (12)FREEFREE✔️4441
Bronze Reward Pack (4)FREEFREE✔️✔️✔️--4-
Silver Reward Pack (4)FREEFREE✔️✔️✔️-4--
Gold Reward Pack (4)FREEFREE✔️✔️✔️4---
Bronze Contracts Pack (4)FREEFREE✔️--4-
Silver Contracts Pack (4)FREEFREE✔️-4--
Small Bronze Players Pack (6)FREEFREE✔️--61
Small Prime Bronze Players Pack (6)FREEFREE✔️--63
Small Mixed Players Pack (6)FREEFREE✔️2221
Prime Bronze Players Pack (12)FREEFREE✔️--126
Small Electrum Players Pack (6)FREEFREE✔️33-1
Small Rare Bronze Players Pack (6)FREEFREE✔️--66
Mixed Players Pack (12)FREEFREE✔️4441
Small Gold Players Pack (6)FREEFREE✔️6--1
Rare Bronze Players Pack (12)FREEFREE✔️--1212
Premium Mixed Players Pack (12)FREEFREE✔️4443
Small Prime Silver Players Pack (6)FREEFREE✔️-6-3
Small Prime Mixed Players Pack (6)FREEFREE✔️2223
Small Prime Electrum Players Pack (6)FREEFREE✔️33-3
Small Rare Mixed Players Pack (6)FREEFREE✔️2226
Small Rare Silver Players Pack (6)FREEFREE✔️-6-6
Prime Silver Players Pack (12)FREEFREE✔️-12-6
Rare Mixed Players Pack (12)FREEFREE✔️44412
Small Rare Electrum Players Pack (6)FREEFREE✔️33-6
Small Rare Gold Players Pack (6)FREEFREE✔️6--6
Jumbo Premium Gold 26 Pack (26)FREEFREE✔️26--7
Electrum Players Pack (12)FREEFREE✔️66-1
Prime Mixed Players Pack (12)FREEFREE✔️4446
Loan Player Reward Pack (4)FREEFREE✔️✔️✔️4--1
Premium Loan Player Pack (4)FREEFREE✔️✔️✔️4--1
Ultimate Loan Player Pack (4)FREEFREE✔️✔️✔️4--4
Loan Prime Icon Pack (1)FREEFREE✔️1--1
81-86 Rated Rare Players Pack (1)FREEFREE✔️1--1
Base Icon Player Pack (1)FREEFREE✔️1--1
Mid Icon Player Pack (1)FREEFREE✔️1--1
Two Players Pack (2)FREEFREE✔️2--1
Two Rare Gold Players Pack (2)FREEFREE✔️2--2
Two Rare Gold Players Plus Pack (2)FREEFREE✔️2--2
League Two 81+ Players Pack (2)FREEFREE✔️2--2
UCL Common Player Pack (1)FREEFREE✔️1---
Two UCL Common Player Pack (2)FREEFREE✔️2---
81+ UCL Rare Player Pack (1)FREEFREE✔️1--1
UCL Two Player Pack (2)FREEFREE✔️2--1
UCL Three Player Pack (3)FREEFREE✔️3--1
TOTW Player Pack (1)FREEFREE✔️1--1
Premium TOTW Pack (3)FREEFREE✔️3--1
Premium TOTS Pack (3)FREEFREE✔️3--3
Ultimate TOTW Pack (11)FREEFREE✔️11--3
Ultimate TOTS Pack (11)FREEFREE✔️11--11
Draft Token Pack (5)FREEFREE✔️✔️5--11
Coins PackFREEFREE------1
Premium Coins PackFREEFREE-------


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