Apex Legends Season 6: Shadowfall Limited-Time Event Will Return According To Leak

Things are getting spooky...

The Shadowfall Halloween event seems to be returning but with a twist.

This news comes from data mining.

Shadowfall Limited-Time Event Returning With A Twist

The Shadowfall limited-time Halloween event was a hit among players.

The mode first appeared October 2019 during Apex Legends' Season 3 Fight or Fright Collection event.

It was similar to that of infected from Call of Duty.

It was set on Kings Canyon map at night, players would have to attempt to escape before being infected.

Well, known Apex data miner Shrugtal announced in a tweet the mode will return but with a twist.

This time it will be named' Shadow Royale', expected to be part of the Halloween event.

"Recent patch data shows that Shadowfall appears to be making a return this Halloween, in a variant called 'Shadow Royale'" Shrugtal stated.

According to Shrug, there currently isn't a lot of information available through the game files.

This means players will have to wait to find out more, possibly when the mode actually launches.

It's thought to go live during October sometime but there is no solid date so far and Respawn haven't even confirmed a Halloween event.

Although after last year's event we expect to see a return.

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