Apex Legends Season 6: Streamers And Pros Angry At New Weapon Meta

Plenty of popular Apex Legends players have voiced their opinions on the Season 6 changes.

There have been plenty of changes in Season 6 of Apex Legends.

Many well-known players have taken to Twitter to voice their stance on the update.

Streamer/Pro Opinions On Season 6 Weapon Meta

NRG Lulu

LuluLuvely is known for streaming Apex Legends.

She was one of the many to share her opinion on the meta.

One of the points she made is that she believes the Devotion should be made back into a Care Package weapon.


Snip3down, a Halo veteran shared his frustrations with the reduced volume of the Volt and Devo audio.

Which he believed could impact on combat.

SoaR Jonny

SoaR Jonny had a different reaction to many mentioned, he was pleased with the changes made in Season 6.

Although he wasn't happy about the Devotion.

CLG ImMadness

ImMadness had apparently spoken with the person running the Apex Legends twitter account.

Supposedly the account had asked for 10,000 retweets in order to address the new weapon and armour metas.

Many don't believe this was legitimate but Madness managed to reach the goal in just hours!

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