Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 COUNTDOWN LIVE: Latest News, Updates, Leaks And Rumours

It's the finalllll countdownnnnn!

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 is in the final countdown as we enter a new stage of Epic's incredible story.

The next season will release on the 27th August 2020.

Last season saw the map buried underwater, but what can we expect?

We'll be covering all the latest news, updates, leaks and rumours right here.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 Countdown

Keep up to date with the latest Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 information right here or checking out our countdown.

The War To Save Reality Begins Tomorrow - 26th August

New Book Pages With Battle Pass Skins - 26th August

According to @ShiinaBR, the new Comic Book pages show off the new battle pass skins.

  • Iron Man
  • Tormenta
  • Dr Doom
  • Groot
  • Wolverine
  • She-Hulk
  • Lady Sif

Photos via @ShiinaBR

In-Game Leaderboards - 25th August

In-game arena leaderboard will arrive in the next season.

She-Hulk Will Be A Season 4 Skin - 25th August

The new Season will feature She-Hulk as a new skin according to @Merl & @StonewallTabor

New Teaser 4 Snippet - 25th August

Photo via @ShiinaBR

All Snippets look like this so far:

Photo via @xkleinmikex

Comic Book Pages 7 & 8 - 25th August

Photos via @iFireMonkey

New Teaser And Website Source Code - 25th August

According to @Marvel, He threatens the fate of all Reality.

The website source code was also updated with the following text:

  • "Deception Alone Won’t Save Us"
  • "Loyalty Alone Won’t Save Us"

Photos via @VastBlastt

Here are all teasers so far in one image:

Chapter 2 Season 4 Trailer Leaks - 24th August

According to @HYPEX, the Chapter 2 Season 4 Trailer will feature 2 sides standing across from each other on top of a hill (Marvel & popular Fortnite skins) Then the Wolverine shows his claws and Peely shows his claws too.

Thor's Hammer And Crater POI Decrypted - 24th August

Photo via @ShiinaBR

Possible Battle Pass Skin Leaks - 24th August

Found within the source code of the Fortnite site via HYPEX, we can get a glimpse of some of the possible battle pass skins for Season 4!

  • Heralds Alone Won’t Save Us > (Thor?)
  • Technology Alone Won’t Save Us > (Iron Man?)
  • Rage Alone Won’t Save Us > (Hulk?)
  • Justice Alone Won’t Save Us > (Captain America?)

@iFireMonkey has said "All of these go under the type "Fortnite V2 - Teaser Message"

"V2 Probably means Version 2 of the website code, not Version 2 of Fortnite. Don't look too far into it, or do. I don't judge."

New Comic Book Page - 23rd August

New Comic Scrap - 23rd August

When the final C2S4 Teaser releases, we should be able to fit all the page scraps into the cover art for the comic.

Season 4 End Date - 23rd August

According to @FNInformation, the comic book will be removed from the Battle Pass tab on the 31st October.

Is this when Season 5 will start?

Next 2 Teasers - 23rd August

Two new teasers have gone live for Fortnite's next season - here's a picture of the teasers in one image.

Photo via @Frezzi54

New Teaser - 22nd August

Check out the new teaser for Season 4 which was tweeted by HYPEX!


Second Comic Page Reveals Rifts Connection - 22nd August

Galactus wants to consume the energy of the map to be strong enough to fight the Black Winter, Death of all things, which is currently destroying his universe/dimension.

So Galactus might not even be our main problem. Maybe we have an even bigger problem to deal with.

Photo via @HYPEX

Second Teaser Reveals Herald - 22nd August

Fortnite themselves posted this image at 10:00 am EST on the 22nd, and it has the following caption: 

"The Herald has found The Island. The prelude to War has begun. Experience Part 1 in-game now..."

We will touch on the experience part one in-game in a second, but for now, take a look at the teaser below!

In-Game Rift Has Appeared - 22nd August

The in-game rift that was leaked to appear above the map for quite some time now, has finally been activated and will be appearing on the map any minute. 

This was reported by iFireMonkey who noted that the in-game files have been turned on for the rift. 

Season 4 Music Pack - 22nd August

Decrypted Comic Book Strip - 22nd August

Photo via @ShiinBR

Groot Included In The Battle Pass - 22nd August

According to @xkleinmikex, the new Battle Pass will include Groot as a skin!

New Theme Is Marvel Comics - 21st August

The new theme is Marvel Comics, some leaks have emerged with some more details:

  • Wolverine skin
  • Peely Wolverine skin
  • Comic book pages on the map
  • Comic book Thor
  • Not MCU related
  • X-Men storm cosmetic

Donald Mustard Changes Header - 21st August

Donald Mustard, Worldwide Creative Director at Epic Games, has updated his Twitter header to a comic strip of Iron Man and Dr Doom.

He's also changed his location "Close to Zero".

Marvel Theme Confirmed For Season 4 - 21st August

@FortniteME has tweeted a video teaser of the Fortnite Marvel crossover, confirming it as the theme for Season 4.

With the hammer and lightning emojis, it also confirms that Thor will be the focus of the new season.

Marvel Image Leaks On Korean Nintendo eShop - 21st August

A leaked image from the Korean Nintendo eShop has indicated what the new season is

This new image has been doing the rounds this morning and confirms the rumoured Marvel theme.

It still needs confirmation, as the image looks slightly suspicious, but it does appear to feature Thor in the Fortnite text.

Photo via @FortTory

Midas Returns? - 19th August

Season 4 Marvel Themed? - 19th August

Season 4 Teaser Coming Today? - 19th August

According to a trusted source of @StonewallTabor, we should be seeing a season 4 teaser today!

This was brought to our attention by @FNBRHQ.

V14.10 Added Into Testing Stage - 16th August

iFireMonkey has confirmed that the first patch of next season has already been added into the testing stages!

Fortnite Removed From Google Play And Apple App Stores - 14th August

Epic Games' megahit has been removed from mobile app stores.

In response, Epic is suing both Apple and Google! Read the full story here.

Build Your Own Umbrella? - 13th August

The Season Won't Be Delayed - 12th August

According to longtime Fortnite leaker @iFireMonkey on Twitter, the season won't be delayed. Check out the full story here.

That said, the leaker has noted there are still some bugs to iron out, including issues related to placing map markers, PS4 trophies for Save the World, and the game getting stuck on a loading screen on mobile.

What The Rift Will Look Like - 8th August

HYPEX has managed to get a closer look at what the rift will look like on the Fortnite map when they eventually add it into the game,

They note that it will not be this close to the map, as they just wanted to see how it looks! 

Ghostship Radio Broadcast Activated? - 7th August

u/scherzicolus has put a new theory in place about the new radios and Ghostship.

"Notice how the Team Ghost ship has a radio broadcast setup and we just got radio stations added in every vehicle. Maybe we could hear something from the ship at any time."

Rifts and Craters To Appear Soon! - 6th August

Well known Fortnite data miner, HYPEX posted an image detailing where the Hightower rift and craters are going to appear. 

As well, HYPEX noted the rift will be appearing in the sky soon!


Challenge Bundles Added For Season 4 - 5th August

While little is known about Chapter 2 Season 4, data miner @ShiinaBR has mentioned that a Challenge Bundle has already been made available.

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