Apex Legends Season 6: First Datamine Reveals Updated Audio For Two New Legends And Weapons

Always one step ahead.

As the Season 6 update rolls out to players around the world, datamines are fierce at work to find out what new information and files have been added to the game.

It's not even been out for a few hours and already some interesting information is popping up about future content and seasons.

Some of the highlights include a new legend and a new weapon!

First Season 6 Datamine

Back in 2019, the first information was discovered about a legend called 'Valk'. Now Valk has popped up in the files again with new audio files.

Photo via @shrugtal

Not only that, but a few months ago we caught wind of another legend called 'Nova'.

Nova has also received new audio in the latest update.

Photo via @shrugtal

Not only that, but new audio has appeared for the 'C.A.R.' SMG that appeared towards the back end of last year.

Photo via @shrugtal

And finally, a new weapon altogether has appeared called the 'Predator'.

This unknown weapon could be related to the Predator Cannon from Titanfall 2 - it is a rotary cannon manufactured by Lastimosa Armory employed by the Titan Legion in Titanfall 2.

Photo via @shrugtal

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