Warzone Season 5: Player Finds Durable Gas Mask, Here's What It Does

Whoever dealt it, you won't smell it.

Warzone Season 5 is finally here, players have been finding new pickups littered around Verdansk.

As reported by @ModernWarzone on Twitter, Twitch streamer Dutch Drummer stumbled upon a new item - a "durable gas mask".

Warzone Durable Gas Mask Found

Check out a screenshot of the item in the Tweet below.

While fans wanted to know how many bars of durability it has, as with standard gas masks, the Dutch Drummer noted that it offers the same five bars.

However, he also noted that it took "numerous ticks of gas for the bars to diminish", suggesting it lives up to its name.

Replying to some other tweets, the Dutch Drummer noted also said that the item has a limited lifespan, and for now seems as though it's found in the hidden rooms under Stadium.

"It DOES NOT last forever," he explained, adding "about 45 seconds to 1 minute".

We'd hazard a guess (get it?) that these also tie-in somewhat with the gas canisters we reported on yesterday.

These throwables leave a cloud of toxicity that damages enemies (and allies) standing in them, but need to be shot to be detonated.

Expect these to also be highly sought-after as the game's gas ring closes.

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