Warzone Season 5 Adds Throwable Gas Canisters

Pardon you.

Warzone Season 5 is finally here, and players are finding new ways to interact with Verdansk.

As reported by @ModernWarzone on Twitter, Twitch streamer xampyyyy stumbled upon a new item - a throwable gas canister.

Warzone Poison Canisters Found

You can check out footage of the item before, which isn't a throwable in the grenade sense - more an interactive object that can be thrown and that explodes when shot.

That might not be all, either. While this canister explodes in a green cloud, other users have noted that there are also flammable canisters with lightable fuses, presumably which cause an area of effect fire effect or a simple explosion.

Keep an eye out for anything you can use to your advantage!

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