Apex Legends Season 6: Crane Teaser On Worlds Edge
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Apex Legends Season 6: Crane Teaser On Worlds Edge

Alex Garton
31 July 2020

A crane has appeared on Worlds Edge, but what does this teaser mean?

The Apex Legends Season 5 Battle Pass expires on August 18th so fans are getting hyped for Season 6.

Respawn have started dropping teasers and clues for the next Season.

The second hint has arrived on Worlds Edge in the form of a crane, but what does it mean?

Let's check out this latest teaser and try and figure what clues it gives us about the upcoming season.


A crane has appeared on the Worlds Edge map at the Sorting Factory, south of the Fuel Depot.

The orange crane is holding a piece of machinery, almost as if something is being built.

This is interesting considering the current Apex Legends narrative.

The machinery being held by the crane is cylindrical in shape and players are speculating it could be part of a rocket.

This would fit with Loba's current mission in the story to travel to Psmathe and kill Revenant.

Psmathe is the home planet of Mirage and Lifeline so the location has links to other characters in the game.

If speculation is correct, we can assume Season 6 may bring a new map to the game, located on Psmathe.

We can expect more teasers coming our way in the upcoming weeks.

Let's hope they confirm the speculation surrounding the theory of a rocket.

Its great Respawn is adding these in-game teasers

Through adding the teasers into the in-game map, Respawn grounds the story within the game.

Players can see the world changing around them and it's a great way to generate hype before the next season.

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