Marvel's Avengers Beta Reveal Streaming Coming Today

Who will we be playing as?

After a sizeable delay, Marvel's Avengers is due to launch on September 4 – but players will be able to play the beta as soon as next week.

In another War Table stream coming at 6 PM BST today, Square Enix will reveal exactly what that beta will entail.

Marvel's Avengers Beta Details To Be Revealed

As per the game's official Twitter account, fans will get a "glimpse at what the future holds for Earth's mightiest heroes".

What Will The Beta Include?

  • Golden Gate Demo - The beta will include the entire Golden Gate Bridge demo giving players an introduction to each hero and how they operate. It will give players an idea of how traversing environments work in Marvel Avengers. On top this, there will be a boss battle to finish this section off.
  • Trail of the Olympia Archive - This mission will give players full access to Hulk and his kit in a dense forest setting.
  • Missing Links - Still as Hulk, players will travel to a location in the remote Russian tundra to uncover shield secrets.
  • Showdown With Abomination - A boss battle with abomination will give players a chance to utilise all the skills they have gained over the beta on a worthy opponent.

What Heroes Can I play In The Beta?

  • Iron Man
  • Kamala Khan
  • Hulk
  • Black Widow

We recently interviewed Scot Amos, the head of Crystal Dynamics, about working with Marvel, why the team chose Kamala Khan as its main protagonist, and what players can look forward to in terms of post-launch content. You can find it here.

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