Apex Legends: How To Get Into Games More Quickly
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Apex Legends: How To Get Into Games More Quickly

Gemma Le Conte
27 July 2020

Find out how you can get in a game and become the Apex champion faster!

Apex Legends Season 5 is coming to a close, the Broken Ghost Season Quest has wrapped up, and players are still experiencing longer load times than expected.

A Reddit user has come forward with a few tips which could fix this pesky issue.

Here's what we know!

How To Jump Into Games Instantly

Waiting in the lobby for a game is a necessary evil - we've all been there and we all hate it, particularly when a game takes a while to load.

There are many factors which can be causing slow loading times.

Players will sit and wait, others will leave and join again in hopes it will have an impact, and some will just exit and play a completely different game.

Fear long lobby times no longer! Reddit user BarnabyWillis has a tip! The user reckons you should click challenges, customise your loadout/legends or open an Apex pack!

It may take a minute or so every so often to find a session but take this time to go through your loadout and check your setup. Overall it seems that just clicking away from the main screen tends to do the trick! They do say "a watched kettle never boils".

Bear in mind this isn't a fix if you're in a low player population area (this will likely be the reason for longer loading times) but it may still be worth a try!

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