Black Ops Cold War Zombies LEAKS: Release Date, Maps, Reveal News, Crossplay, Theories, Tranzit Remake And Everything We Know About Code Name 'Silver'
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Black Ops Cold War Zombies LEAKS: Release Date, Maps, Reveal News, Crossplay, Theories, Tranzit Remake And Everything We Know About Code Name 'Silver'

Lloyd Coombes
21 September 2020

One crafty data miner has opened the Red Door.

Black Ops Cold War has been revealed to the world and we've had an extensive look at the multiplayer section of the game.

But Treyarch surprised everyone with a small teaser that unveiled so much information about what's coming up in the Zombies mode.

Even if you're not a fan of Call of Duty games, Zombies has proven to be an irreplaceable take on the genre; which originally started out as a last-minute add-on for World At War.

With rumours that the Chaos story may return, players are eager to understand where we're heading with the new story; especially after the anti-climatic finish that Tag Der Toten.

Here's everything we know about Zombies in Black Ops Cold War.

Latest News

Alpha Easter Eggs - 21st September

TheGamingRevolution, with the help of the COD community, has managed to spot a number of Easter Eggs within the Alpha that relate to Call of Duty zombies.

Here's a list of the Easter Eggs:

  • 'Classified' elevator music is playing at the beach bar on the map 'Miami' (the music was originally in the elevator of the Black Ops 1 DLC map 'Hotel')
  • Matryoshka Doll and Matryoshka Doll of Richtofen in the map Moscow, which refers to the weapon/grenade from the Zombies mode
  • Chess boards which references
  • Moscow clock is set to 1.15pm (a reference to element 115)
  • Potential photo of Ludvig Maxis

Zombies Gameplay Image Leaked? - 18th September

Images have been circulating the internet for a week now of what the zombies mode might look like - you can see it here.

Zombies Mode Being Playtested? - 10th September

During the multiplayer reveal live stream, creators who had the chance to check out the game last week before the global reveal were all streaming.

NoahJ456 showed everyone the Black Ops Cold War menu and may have leaked a potential reveal coming soon.

As you can tell in the below image, Noah has the Zombies game mode unlocked.

Release Date

The full zombies experience will arrive with the launch of Black Ops Cold War, which is the 13th November 2020.

Reveal Date

It's expected the next mode to be shown to the world is the Zombies mode, based on the small teaser during the multiplayer reveal.

Treyarch would be wise to avoid showing it off during the Black Ops Cold War beta, so we anticipate a reveal towards the end of September.


The mode will be available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC.


The mode will be included within the full game of Black Ops Cold War, currently priced at:

  • Standard Edition - £59.99
  • Cross-Gen Edition - £64.99
  • Ultimate Edition - £89.99

TheGamingRevolution believes we could get DLC for zombie maps than usual, as all multiplayer maps will be free - meaning there could be a zombies pass.


Will The Original Story Continue?

The Treyarch Zombies storyline came to an arguably anti-climatic conclusion during Black Ops 4's DLC 4. "Tag Der Toten" was a remake of the Black Ops 1 Zombies map Call of the Dead; one of many remakes that year.

In the final map, you play as the Victus crew and aim to solve the paradox that has unfolded and strive to put an end to the chaotic story that has unfolded over the past 10 years.

So what's next for Call of Duty zombies? TheGamingRevolution has claimed that it is different from what has come before it. He confirms that while the storyline continues after Tag Der Toten, it will be with the Aether storyline.

He emphasises that this is truly the end of Primis, Ultimis and Victis. According to TGR, everyone was sent to the dark Aether and the universe was free from corruption...but not for long; the campaign and zombies story "has always been in the same multiverse".

TheGamingRevolution has also suggested that Frank Woods may appear in Zombies as there are posters of him holding the Baby Maker Wonder Weapon and he also has a '115' tattoo on his left forearm.

You can tell it's the Aether universe due to the Monkey Bomb and Juggernog.

There will still be perks, pack-a-punch and other core features, but there will be more barriers to play and different ways to play the mode.

Alternatively, TheGamingRevolution detailed the possibility of a brand-new story arch for Zombies to explore. The “Classified” information shown in the first Black Ops game sees several mentions of element 115 and Project Nova, the name of one of the campaign missions.

Playing as Reznov, you blow up the ship a British special forces attempt to recover what is left of the Nova gas and have already seen what the gas can do on the “Five” Zombies map, a new storyline surrounding the origins of the gas and a map taking place on the boat wouldn’t be too far out of the question.

@_TomHenderson_ has given us a few tidbits of information about the upcoming mode:

  • Nacht reused by the Russians for their nuclear program
  • Zombie Nazi's escape and infect the site (there's Russian + Nazi Zombies)
  • New crew - Old Weapons from WW2 still remain on the site
  • You start with a torch until you turn the power on

So it seems that rather than the zombies experience being brought into the 1980s, we may be experiencing a derelict venue that has been relatively untouched, since WW2.

Chaos Story Returning?

What's for certain is that the Chaos story will NOT be returning. The Chaos story was not enjoyed by the community and what they have really warmed to is a more realistic and grounded style. It's rumoured the new story will be based around Vietnam to reflect the tone of the game.

The release of the Ancient Evil map seemingly suggested that the Chaos story for Zombies would continue throughout the cycle of Black Ops 4.

But after two maps, the Chaos story appears to be dead in the water, with nothing clear surrounding its ending.

According to many players, Activision did not like the Chaos story, implying that this is the reason as to why the story has yet to be concluded by Treyarch.

But there's a chance it may return. Actor Andrew Morgado has been teasing his involvement in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War on Instagram.

Morgado voice the character Bruno Delacroix in the Chaos story - he simply captioned the trailer: “Cool stuff is happening.”

Before you get too excited, it could be for an unrelated role. It's not the first time a Zombies character has been recast for a Call of Duty game, Steve Blum (who voices Clint Dempsey) voiced Donnie "Ruin" Walsh.

It could be that Morgado is voicing an Operator or Campaign character. It could even be he is lending his voice for an Easter Egg to reference past zombie stories (something that Treyarch does regularly).

With the release slowly approaching and new information surrounding the game coming to the forefront in every other week, could there be a chance for the Chaos story to be revived on the new release?

Features And What Do We Know So Far?

Based on what we know so far and from leakers, here are some features we can expect from the new zombies:

  • No Mini Map
  • Training Mode added
  • Perk Machines return (including Juggernog) and look like the ones from WWII
  • Graffiti is related to Easter Eggs
  • Flashlight on your weapon until the power is turned on
  • Classic Mystery Box returns, but teddy bear is replaced with a Bunny rabbit (another one of Samantha's toys which you collect during the Revelations Easter Egg at the Nacht section of the map
  • Teleportation machine and Gondola on Die Machine
  • A way to win zombies (potentially meaning two modes)


On the official Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War website, a description for Zombies has been added with part of the text redacted.

"Players will bring a Cold War arsenal of weapons and equipment into the next evolution of Treyarch's signature Zombies co-operative experience.

It sounds like a fresh start so to speak for the game, which is probably a good thing. As the story unfolded in the past games, the story got more complicated and the loose ends became a bit less plausible.

It also seemed that to appease fans, they continued to bring back the same characters despite being killed off.

While the story was a masterpiece, it made it difficult for Treyarch to end as strongly as it began.

With a fresh start, they can really plan a story that works and will last long term.

Code Name 'Silver'

According to Prototype Warehouse, the zombie mode is under the codename "Silver".

It's unknown why it's called this and what it means, but it's a name that emerged from 'The Red Door' alpha.


It's rumoured that players will get to play as Adler and Baker in the Zombies mode. As they are Operators in the multiplayer, it could be that we get to play as all Operators in the game.

Grigori Weaver supposedly is the commanding officer that sends you on your mission quest and will talk to you as you play.

Steiner is also involved in some way.


It looks like some familiar maps are returning to the game!

If you were watching the teaser carefully, which aired during the multiplayer reveal, you will have spotted some flashes on the screen.

One very familiar scene was showcased - Nacht Der Untoten.

WHERE IT ALL BEGAN: The famous staircase in the first-ever zombies level

ALL ABOARD: The lab in Tranzit looks very different

As you can see, we're revisiting familiar territory - in fact, this could be one of two locations, as the Nacht Der Untoten building is in Tranzit.

With this game taking place in the 1980s, there's a lot of similarities but also differences. It could be easy to dismiss this being the lab/power room in Tranzit, but with the original set in 2025, the place could have been completely rebuilt in this time.

This isn't the first time we've heard about Tranzit. According to TheGamingRevolution, a full rework of Tranzit was slated for release during the game cycle of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, but the release was put on the backburners, due to a lack of interest in Black Ops 4 Zombies.

This is evident by the number of remastered assets in the game from past zombie maps.

The video goes on to reveal that there were meant to be two versions of Tranzit releasing on Black Ops 4, a version before the rockets launched at the end of the Moon Easter egg and a version afterwards, the rework of the original.

Now TGR has revealed a bunch of information about the maps:

  • New map called Firebase Z 'ZM_Pink' which is a bonus map for launch and not related to the story. It is set in Vietnam.
  • 'ZM_Silver' is a Nacht Der Untoten remake, set in the same location but during the Cold War and it will be called Die Machine (which means 'The Machine')
  • New sections have been added to allow nuclear testing
  • Large parts of the map is based outside of the original building
  • Features different endings
  • Regular Nacht Der Untoten returns as well
  • Another map is set in Berlin called 'ZM_Platinum'. Reportedly arriving in Season 4, this could be a Kino Der Toten remake; but it has experienced a Die Machine type makeover.
  • One final map is codenamed 'Giant', which is speculated to be a Der Riese

It sounds like Tranzit is not currently in the game and isn't scheduled for launch.


During the teaser reveal, it has been confirmed that Juggernog is returning. As the character climbs the Nacht Der Untoten stairs, you can hear the familiar jingle playing in the background.

An appropriate flash of red consumes the screen too, the designated theme for the Juggernog perk; Juggernog gives the user extra health.

In Black Ops 4, the Perks system was overhauled with several fan-favourite Perks being omitted, much to the dismay of many Zombies players.

Chinese leaker known as “Victor_Z” delves into what is coming to the new game further, stating that Zombies will feature some new ways of playing alongside several elements from previous Treyarch Zombies stories, including the return of classic Perks and the Pack-A-Punch machine.

Perks are reportedly drunk out of a can instead of a bottle and the machines look very different as a result.

Rumoured perks include:

  • Juggernog
  • Stamin-Up
  • Deadshot Daiquiri
  • Quick Revive
  • Speed Cola
  • Electric Cherry (TBC)
  • Double Tap (TBC - could be a pack-a-punch effect)
  • Elemental Pop (new)

All perks are now better versions of their formerselves and they can be upgraded up to 4 times.

Interestingly, animated calling cards have surfaced in the game files for Modern Warfare and Warzone depicting the Quick Revive logo. With Warzone being linked to Black Ops Cold War, we could see the return of this perk.

Photo via @zarketas


So far, we have only seen a 1911 - which has been confirmed to be in Black Ops Cold War. But we can assume all of the multiplayer and campaign weapons for Black Ops Cold War will feature in this mode.

According to @ModernWarzone, the Wunderwaffe DG-2 will return. The Gaming Revolution has confirmed the old Ray Gun will return, inclduing a Ray Rifle.

Specialists are reportedly returning including:

  • Healing Aura
  • Frostblast
  • Aether Shroud
  • Energy Mine

Weapons now have rarities in the box, similar to Fortnite, likely meaning they are better.

As far as buildables are concerned, a jetpack is rumoured to feature in the game. We will also get an 'Aether Scope', which show you quick flashbacks.

Melee weapons return such as the shovel.


Pack-A-Punch is returning as a buildable and can be obtained via a quest.

Weapon upgrades/double Pack-A-Punch abilities all return including one new one called 'Plasmatic Burst'.

Zombie Types

It's hard to see what zombies are in the game based on this short teaser, @TheGamingRevolution has pointed out that a new zombie type can be seen briefly in the clip.

This one is wearing a hazmat suit and is actually dead.

New 'boss' zombies potentially include:

  • Pyro Panzer
  • Russian Mech
  • Mimic Zombie
  • Nova Dog
  • Summoner Zombies
  • Brutus (probably just references)
  • Avogadro (probably just references)

Dead Ops Arcade 3

The Dead Ops Arcade mini-game has been a hidden game that Treyarch has implemented in some of its previous titles.

It's a top-down arcade-style zombie game, based on the Zombies mode.

Some teasers have been found in the game code for the Red Door Alpha, hinting at a possible return.

Considering Treyarch release one every other game, there's a high chance it's returning.


It's unknown if cross-play will be supported for Zombies, but we're predicting it's more than likely.

There's been a huge emphasis on cross-platform play and cross-generational play this year, with every console able to play with each other in multiplayer and Wazone.

It's almost inevitable that players will be able to, seeing as you need an Activision account to gain access to online features.

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