Apex Legends Season 6: New Map Details And Everything We Know

Olympus has landed.

Apex Legends Season 5 is coming to a close, the Broken Ghost Season Quest has wrapped up, and players are now looking ahead at what is still to come.

The developers have clearly been teasing a new map, so we'll take you through every hint and reference we've found.

What's more, dataminers have unearthed some interesting POIs which all but confirm our suspicions...

Of course, spoilers aplenty from here on out.

A New Map For Season 6

Apex Legends Season 6 new map confirmed?

Image courtesy of Apex Legends gamepedia

Yes, you read that right, we're certain that we'll be leaving King's Canyon and World's Edge behind in Season 6.

Of course, they'll likely reappear in a rotation of some sort, but it's exciting to be fighting somewhere entirely new.

"But where is this new map," we hear you ask. It's on Olympus.


Hints And Teasers For Olympus

Apex Legends Season 6 new map confirmed?

Image courtesy of Apex Legends gamepedia

Olympus has featured heavily in the story for Seasons 4 and 5 - mainly in the story of Loba and Revenant.

First of all, Revenant's reveal trailer showed him assassinating Loba's parents on Olympus, you can clearly see the iconic blossom trees.

Furthermore, when Loba was introduced at the start of Season 5, she blew up Skull Town (rip) but Revenant's head was teleported to Psamathe - the planet where Olympus is.

What's more, nearly all of the Season 5 load screens reference the floating city Olympus! Just check them out, the floating city features in most of them, especially those featuring Loba. You can see clouds at the bottom of the image above, showing it is floating! And look out for those telltale blossom trees...


The Broken Ghost

Apex Legends Season 6 new map confirmed?

Image courtesy of u/StoppingMusic21 on Reddit

I'll say it again: major major spoilers here.

At the end of the Broken Ghost Season Quest, we find a decrepit Ash who says the ominous phrase: "Welcome to Olympus."

Surely it can only mean one thing?


Datamined Content

Apex Legends Season 6 new map confirmed?

Image courtesy of shrug on YouTube

Dataminer shrugtal also found this new POI in King's Canyon. It appeared in the trailer showing off Octane's new abilities, but they managed to rebuild it entirely.

The POI replaces the suspended skull between Octane's Gauntlet and Salvage, and seems to be some kind of visitor centre or viewing platform.

However, the area is populated with loads of - you guessed it - blossom trees. Native to one planet that we know, this is the final evidence we needed to believe that our Legends are headed to Olympus next season.

Bring it on!

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