PS4 Black Friday deals 2020: Best PS4 Pro deals, Bundles, Predictions, and more
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PS4 Black Friday deals 2020: Best PS4 Pro deals, Bundles, Predictions, and more

Ramzi Musa
19 July 2020

One of the biggest sale events is incoming! Here's what to expect this year for Sony's console.

If you're looking for great PS4 deals this Black Friday, we have everything you need right here for 2020.

Black Friday is set for 27 November 2020, which is after the delayed Amazon Prime Day.

It's a great chance to get your hands on an amazing PS4 deal, especially now that the next-generation of gaming is around the corner.

Keep reading for our predictions, retailers to watch, and if Black Friday seems too far away - some PS4 deals you can enjoy right now.



The Latest PS4 Deals

If you're in the market for a PS4, or the more powerful PS4 Pro, you'll want to check out the below deals.

These bundle deals are an absolute steal, and have some incredible games included, such as 2018's Game of the Year - God of War.

That's not to mention that you can also get a special edition Last of Us II PS4 bundle, which looks incredible!

PS4 Pro special Edition Black Friday 2020

PLAYSTATION PHWOOAR! The Special Edition looks pretty amazing

PS4 Black Friday 2020 Predictions

So what can you expect come November?

Early November Sales

Black Friday is set towards the end of November, but it's likely that retailers will be holding sales before the date itself. 

Last year, Currys held 'flash sales' in early November, and we could end up seeing that same tactic used again for 2020.

If you're looking for a great PS4 deal, you may not need to wait until 27 November this year. And with PS4 Pro soon to become the 2nd most powerful Playstation console, we expect to see the best deals to date for it.


IT'S ABOUT TO KICK OFF: PS4 owners won't miss out on some of the most anticipated titles like FIFA 21

Retailer to watch

There are some stand-out retailers that we recommend keeping an eye on in the run-up to Black Friday 2020, especially for PS4 deals.

To go with your PS4

If you've bagged yourself a PS4 already, you may be looking for some accessories for your machine. 

Here's our top pick of the moment to go with your console.

Amazon - SteelSeries Gaming Headset

SteelSeries headsets deliver on price, and very high-quality audio. If you're more into minimal designs, clean lines, and simple colour palettes - these are the headsets for you.

Get the competitive edge in games like Warzone and Fortnite, step into the unique worlds of Assassin's Creed Valhalla, or feel the crowd with FIFA 21 and NBA 2K21.

For the month of July, you can save up to £30 on SteelSeries gaming headsets. 

SteelSeries Black Friday PS4 headset

AMAZING QUALITY: The SteelSeries have thousands of positive reviews!

For all the latest deals in the build-up to Black Friday, Amazon Prime Day predictions and even Christmas gift ideas - be sure to check back in with us.