Warzone: Vikkstar And Drift0r have had enough of hackers

The popular streamers have drawn attention to the game's longest-running issue.

Warzone Season 4 is here, but the game is under continued scrutiny due to its popularity amongst hackers.

Professional streams Vikkstar and Drift0r are the latest content creators to jump into the discussion, and both are disappointed by the way the game has panned out.

Warzone Season 4: Vikkstar and Drift0r Complain About Hackers

Because the game uses skill-based matchmaking, players are being matched with not only good players, but hackers that haven't been caught. Drift0r took to Twitter to complain about the issue, with Vikkstar also chiming in.


We've previously reported on the issues caused by hackers using both software and hardware methods, but hopefully higher-profile players drawing attention to it will cause Infinity Ward to try and make changes.

The developer has banned players in the past, but despite undoubtedly removing cheaters, they also managed to ban non-cheaters, too.

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