FIFA 21 Early Access Guide: Release Dates, Time, EA Play Price, How To Get It And Tips
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FIFA 21 Early Access Guide: Release Dates, Time, EA Play Price, How To Get It And Tips

Matt Thomas
25 September 2020

Early Access is set to be kicking off for FIFA 21 in the next couple of months, check out all the various stages of Early Access with all the release dates here!

There's a lot of anticipation surrounding this year's FIFA game - especially after the impact of COVID-19.

The Closed Beta has come and gone and no doubt EA will have collected valuable feedback to tweak the game for the better.

As many have already played the game early, the rest of the public will be curious when they will be granted early access.

Here's what you need to know about playing FIFA 21 early.

EA Play

Release Date: October 1st

EA Access will be the first look at the full, release version of FIFA 21, with users being able to play 10 hours of the game ahead of launch. We’ll have a full guide to EA Access out soon, with all the dos and don’ts.

Tips For EA Play

While there are tonnes of tips and tricks for EA Play to get the most out of your 10 hours game time, we’ll try and keep it simple. Only spend your 10 hours of time on gameplay! 

If like many others you’re loading up on EA Play to start off your Ultimate Team, make sure you’re spending the vital 10 hours of EA Play time exclusively on gameplay. Don’t spend hours sitting doing SBCs or opening packs, as these can be done on the web application.

Do make sure you utilise the ability to load up FIFA Points on EA Play, as this is the first opportunity you’ll get to do so, and you’ll have an extra 10% discount. You can then use these FIFA Points for the FUT Draft, or to open packs to get an initial boost of coins (make sure you open these on the web app to save EA Play time.)

Champions/Ultimate Edition

Release Date: October 6th

Finally, the last “Early Access” opportunity you’ll be able to receive is through purchasing the Champions and Ultimate Editions. This will grant you full access to the game 3 days before the full standard edition global release on the 9th and is a great time to get a small headstart ahead of the competition on all modes across FIFA.

Tips For Early Release

As with any new FIFA, the key is to get acclimated to the new gameplay mechanics and nuances as early as possible, to give you the best chance at top finishes in FUT, as well as other modes.

This is the part where you just have to play, and play, and play some more, so have fun, enjoy that new FIFA feeling, and get grinding towards your goals, whether that be a FUT Road to Glory, Division 1 Pro Clubs, or that World Class Career Mode save.

Pitch Notes

EA posted a new set of pitch notes in the leadup to early access. 

This is what they had to say regarding it: 

FUT 21 kicks off with Early Access for EA Play members starting October 1. If you pre-ordered the Champions or Ultimate Edition of FIFA 21, access will begin on October 6, three days ahead of worldwide launch on October 9. During Early Access players can earn special rewards including:

  • Pre-Launch Objectives with the chance to earn a special Early Access Reward Pack, which includes an untradeable 80-84 OVR Player Pick and a 10 game loan Team Of The Week (TOTW) Player.
  • Team of the Week 1 highlighting the best performing players from the world of football, available for a limited time.
  • The launch of Season Objectives 1: In addition to more time in Season 1, EA Play members will also get a Season XP boost to help them on their way to level 30 rewards.
  • Experience Live FUT Friendlies first with the Three Nations Themed Live FUT Friendly challenge.
  • The first opportunity to experience Events with a head start in the Humans vs. Machine community event. Complete the Humans vs. Machine Objectives group to earn an untradeable Prime Electrum players pack.

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