Valorant and League of Legends Skins Coming Soon?

Who doesn't love a good crossover?

Riot Game's new first-person tactile FPS shooter has been a massive hit all over the world, with hundreds of thousands of players checking out the game everyday. 

With the recently release Enderflame cosmetic set, skins appear to be a large part of Riot Game's vision for the game,

Now, some fan art has triggered a response from Riot themselves and we could see a crossover between League of Legends and Valorant soon!


Fan Art

This all kicked off when Twitter user @wandakunpls posted some concept art of Valorant agents Phoniex and Jett as League of Legends characters. 

For those who do not know, there is an ample amount of skins in League; so why not combine the two biggest titles that Riot has to offer.

Posting these to Twitter, the response was insane; as both tweets reached around 20,000 likes and the countless number of people talking about them

Check them out for yourself below. 



Riot's Response

With the overwhelming amount of support that the League of Legends and Valorant communities poured onto the artist, this warranted a response from Joe Ziegler; the league game director for Valorant. 

Tagging Andrei van Roon who is the lead game director for League of Legends below the concept art. 

Perhaps we will see these Valorant skins in League of Legends sometime soon!


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