Monster Hunter Movie: New Image Shows Milla Jovovich Wielding Classic Weapon

We still need to be convinced.

Monster Hunter, the movie based on Capcom's mega-hit franchise, is still expected to arrive on September 4.

With Paul W.S. Anderson directing, and his wife Milla Jovovich starring, it marks the second historic Capcom franchise the pair have been worked on after the Resident Evil series.

Thanks to Empire, we now have another new image of Jovovich in action, and this time she's packing the game's iconic dual blades.


New Image for Monster Hunter Movie

In the image, Jovovich is holding the blades aloft as if preparing to strike, with some kind of energy pulsing through them.

Check it out below.

Twice as nice (Image courtesy of Empire)

Why the dual blades? We're glad you asked.

In an exclusive interview with Empire, the star explained that she'd "experimented with different weapons during the game and was able to kill more monsters with those blades."

“I thought they’d look really beautiful in an action sequence.”

Jovovich will play Artemis, a leader of a team of Army Rangers who are inadvertently teleported to a world of monsters. In the same interview, Anderson explained that Artemis acts as an avatar of sorts.

“I wrote the role of Artemis for Milla as the avatar for the player, so she could be a grounded, relatable real-world character who is fresh to the world of Monster Hunter."

With the director taking plenty of liberties with the source material, and the paper-thin plot of the material itself, we'd imagine a series of exciting action set-pieces are the best we can hope for.

Still, we'll find out on September 4.

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