Warzone Season 4 Week 3 Intel: Hidden Cargo Intel Mission Guide And Locations

Uncover the Hidden Cargo in Verdansk.

After week 2's hunt for Zakhaev, a new set of intel is now ready to be found in Warzone after the mid-season 4 update.

Week 3 has players tracking down the missing shipment - here's how to complete the Week 3 intel mission.

Hidden Cargo Intel Mission Guide

There are five intel locations this week, distributed in various locations around Verdansk.


Intel 1 - Ghost Coin (rewards 2,500 XP)

The first intel is positioned at the peak of the Train Station, on a ledge, where you will once again find a Golden Ghost Coin. Simply interact with the coin to collect the first Hidden Cargo Intel.

Intel 2 - Teddy Bear (rewards 5,000 XP)

2. Head to the bottom of the Port and in the cabin of the centre crane, you will find a teddy bear. Interact with this object to collect the second Hidden Cargo Intel.

Intel 3 - Campfire (rewards 5,000 XP)

3. The next one isn't far off, head back to the north side of Port, where the Cargo are. You should be looking for a campfire and a lawn chair. Interact with the campfire to collect the third Hidden Cargo Intel.


Intel 4 - Laptop (rewards 5,000 XP)

4. Again, stay in Port, head to the Vacant building. Make your way to the back right of the building in the warehouse section and look for a laptop. Interact with this object to collect the fourth Hidden Cargo Intel.

Intel 5 - Filing Cabinet (rewards 5,000 XP)

5. Head up north, past Verdansk Stadium to a WPH Forward Operating Base that lies roughly parallel with TV Station (the location with all the medical tents). There is a typical two-story building and on the second floor is a downed filing cabinet. Interact with this objective to get the fifth and final Hidden Cargo Intel.

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