Call of Duty: Warzone World Records For Total Kills

Let's check out Call of Duty: Warzone's total kill world records.

Call of Duty: Warzone was officially released over 3 months ago and the skill of players has increased so much since then.

Warzone is all about kills and how many you can get in a game.

But some players seem to be better than others at acquiring a lot of them in a match.

The best of the best set records for total kills in a game.

Let's take a look at these Warzone world records and who achieved them.

Solos World Record

The solos world record is currently held by Twitch streamer MuTeX.

He achieved the record on the 23rd of May live on stream.

The streamer achieved a 40-kill game with 9891 damage in total.

Not satisfied with a single word record, MuTeX decided he would go and break the Duos record with Aydan.

On June 15th they beat Tfue's and HusKerrs previous record of 56 kills.

The pair achieved a total of 64 kills between them in a single game.

Trios World Record

To break the trios world record you need a consistent and talented group of players.

Metaphor, Frozone and Pieman happen to fall into that category.

The trio achieved the record on the 17th of June.

They acquired an insane total of 102 kills in a single game.

Each member pulled their weight achieving over 10,000 points of damage each

Quads World Record

A new Quads record was set on the 23rd of May when Vikkstar, FaZe Cellium, ABeZy and Priestah hit a whopping 138 kills in total.

That's more than the entire lobby!

Vikkstar has a video of the achievement, check it out.

Solo vs Duos World Record

1v2 situations are hard on there own let alone in an entire Battle Royale lobby.

FaZe Bloo hold the Solo vs Duos record with a staggering 40 kills and 10,733 damage.

The record was set on the 29th May and is an insane achievement.

Solo vs Trios World Record

The Solo vs Trios record is held by Tiger of Hell1 and was set on the 24th of May.

He achieved an insane total of 55 kills in the 1v3, beating previous record-holder Biffle by a single kill.

Solo vs Quads World Record

The Solo vs Quads record is currently held by Phanosy and was set on the 16th of May.

He racked up a total of 53 kills in a single game.

It's fair to say it may be a while before this record is broken.

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