Modern Warfare: Cheshire Park 'Pied Piper' Easter Egg Guide
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Modern Warfare: Cheshire Park 'Pied Piper' Easter Egg Guide

Lloyd Coombes
1 July 2020

Just when you thought the "gritty reboot" couldn't get any stranger.

Modern Warfare Season 4 is here, and fresh from the bizarre Juggernaut Teddy Bear we saw recently, we've got another bizarre easter egg.

A reference to the Pied Piper can be found in the new Cheshire Park map, and it involves... exploding rats.

Here's how to trigger it.

Modern Warfare: Pied Piper Easter Egg

Around the new Cheshire Park map, five mouse traps will spawn in. Each needs to be shot (they'll explode when you do so), but only one will appear on the map at any point in time and locations are randomised.

That means you'll want to keep your eyes peeled while roaming. Once you've destroyed one, another will spawn, and so on.

Once you've done that, a piece of cheese will spawn (yes, really) that you can pick up with your usual interaction button (F on PC, X on Xbox, or Square on PS4). This will cause a cheese wheel to spawn somewhere on the map which will also need to be picked up.

Now, place your cheese offering at the foot of the Pied Piper statue in the park and enjoy the (quite unsettling) pyrotechnics.

For a full rundown, you can check the full process below from TheGamingRevolution on YouTube.

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