Valorant Could Get Six Operators and Two Maps Per Year As Post-Launch Content
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Valorant Could Get Six Operators and Two Maps Per Year As Post-Launch Content

Lloyd Coombes
30 June 2020

Valorant is about to get much bigger.

Valorant is finally here, but as is so often the case in videogames fans have begun to ask what's next for Riot's tactical shooter.

In a new dev diary, executive producer Anna Donlon has revealed the team's plans to support Valorant going forward.

Valorant: New Heroes and Maps Coming

In the video, Donlon confirmed new agents and matches are incoming, with the former being released in line with the game's Acts (essentially seasonal content).

You can check out the video below:

Content will also be split between episodes, with each lasting six months and comprising three acts. Episodes will house larger changes to the game, including new mechanics or maps. 

Donlon confirmed that the game will still receive substantial updates in its Act format, but the larger changes will be primarily for Episode drops.

There are some quality-of-life changes coming too, including the ability to reconnect if your session is disconnected and early surrenders for teams that don't want to slog away to an inevitable defeat.

Oh, and there was still time for a tease of the next Operator's silhouette, which you can check out below.

Exciting times ahead for Valorant fans

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