Fable 4 LEAKS: Release Date, Trailer, Story, Features And Everything We Know About The Next Fable
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Fable 4 LEAKS: Release Date, Trailer, Story, Features And Everything We Know About The Next Fable

Lloyd Coombes
29 June 2020

Ready to return to Albion?

Fable, Microsoft's action-RPG franchise set in a fantasy world, has been dormant for years - ever since the third entry in 2010, in fact.

While there have been spin-offs and cancelled games since rumours persist that the next game is being worked on.

Here's everything we know so far about Fable 4.

Latest News

Microsoft Renews Fable Trademark - 2nd July

Microsoft has applied to renew the Fable trademark.

The application was filed on the 26th of June and confirms the potential for a new Fable title.

It is a normal practice for developers and publishes to renew trademarks for IPs they own and want to work on.

Check out the trademark application here.

New Twitter Accounts Debunked - 28th June

A set of Twitter accounts were found for Fable and Perfect Dark last week, suggesting we could hear something soon.

However, Aaron Greenberg has debunked this by saying that they have bee "inactive for years" and that "it's standard practice to secure social handles for our IP".

What Is Fable 4?

The Fable franchise is a series of action RPG games that were originally developed by Lionhead Studios before the studio closed in 2016.

The Fable series takes place in the fictional nation of Albion, a state that, at the time of the first game, is composed of numerous autonomous city-states with vast areas of countryside or wilderness in between. The setting originally resembles medieval Europe.

While the games all take place in the same universe, the stories are not related - with the sequel happening 500 years after the original and the third take place a further 50 years later.

Rumours surrounding Fable 4 have circulated since before the release of the Xbox One. The title is tentative, but it's worth noting that whatever comes next, could be a reboot of the franchise.


Leaks And Rumours

Fable 4's E3 2019 leak revealed that Albion had been destroyed by an asteroid that got wished into existence, by a Mad King, who took control of the Tattered Spire, the Will-fuelled tower from Fable 2 (that granted the person who controlled it one wish once it was built).

Theresa and the Guild are hiding on another planet that you can access via a demon door, you can also choose to ignore the main quest and not become a hero.

Players can also build their own towns in an open world, which ties into the main quest. Guns will NOT be included in the next instalment (much to the joy of die-hard Fable fans). Multiplayer is also coming and it's built on the Unreal Engine - potentially even the Unreal Engine 5.

A leak in June 2019 on the Xbox One subreddit suggested that the game will be set in a medieval world (eschewing Fable 3's industrialised one), will offer a deep character customisation suite and be playable in first or third person.

You can find the info here - there was even talk of time travel and different planets to explore, so take with a fistful of salt.

While that leak may have been lacking in substance, or simply be based on outdated information, we also know from an Xbox Live API leak that a Fable game codenamed "Wisdom" is in the works.

The prevailing theory is that Playground Games will be creating the new Fable game, according to Eurogamer, the talented folks behind the excellent Forza Horizon franchise, are working on it. With the studio being based in the UK and the game's humour being rooted in British whimsy, it seems like a dream fit.


Release Date

Bad news folks - Playground Games were hiring a team of scriptwriters as late as October 2019, so we're unlikely to see a new Fable anytime soon.

Confirmed Platforms

With this being a Microsoft Studios game, we would be very surprised to see it on anything other than Xbox One, Series X and PC when it launches.

That said, never say never - especially with Microsoft's recent track record of putting their games in as many places as possible.


We don't have a trailer just yet, but just for a throwback let's look at the trailer for the original game's Anniversary release. It was a simpler time.