Horizon 2: Forbidden West Release Date, Trailer, Story, Features And Everything We Know About Horizon New Dawn 2
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Horizon 2: Forbidden West Release Date, Trailer, Story, Features And Everything We Know About Horizon New Dawn 2

Chris Trout
9 July 2020

Horizon Zero Dawn's sequel has been confirmed for PS5!

Horizon 2: Forbidden Forest is the next game in the franchise and a sequel to the successful Horizon Zero Dawn.

The action role-playing game again features Aloy, a hunter who ventures through a post-apocalyptic land ruled by robotic creatures.

Release Date

Horizon 2: Forbidden West has been confirmed to be scheduled for a 2021 release on PS5.

What Is Horizon 2: Forbidden Forest?

An April 2020 report published by VGC claimed that Guerrilla Games was planning a Horizon trilogy, with the sequel aiming to launch exclusively on the next-gen PlayStation 5.

"Horizon Zero Dawn 2 is said to be 'gigantic' in scope," according to VGC's sources, "with a larger game world and more freedom to explore it than in its predecessor. People with knowledge of the game also indicated the inclusion of a co-op feature, although it's not clear if this is delivered via the main story or a separate mode."

On June 11, Sony revealed Horizon Forbidden West, "a gorgeous new adventure set in a distant land ravaged by massive storms," according to an official PlayStation blog post.

"Horizon Forbidden West continues Aloy's story as she moves west to a far-future America to brave a majestic, but dangerous frontier where she'll face awe-inspiring machines and mysterious new threats," the trailer's description teases.

Among the ruins of San Francisco, Aloy will encounter a far-reaching infection Guerrilla calls the "red blight." She'll likely be able to don a mask and explore underwater areas of the map, as well, judging from the first teaser trailer.

Some of the robotic beasts you'll meet in Forbidden West include the alligator-shaped "snapjaw," pterodactyl-like "sunwings," colossal "shellsnappers" (shaped like tortoises), and the mammoth-esque "trumortusk."

Thanks to the power of the PS5, Guerrilla says there'll be "virtually no loading screens."


While the first game was single-player only, with players stepping into the boots of Aloy, the sequel is intended to be playable in co-op.

Previously leaked concept art showed multiple players battling the original game's large beasts, so could we be teaming up with friends on PS5?

VGC reports that "it’s understood PlayStation was equally keen to see online functionality implemented in the sequel," so that could be the case.


The trailer was part of the PS5 games reveal, we will update once the trailer is live.

Horizon 2 PS5 Box Art

Horizon 2


The game will be available on the PS5 - no other platforms have been confirmed just yet.


The game should retail at about £49.99 or $59.99


Sony and Guerrilla have released the entire soundtrack from the epic reveal trailer the other day. The full video of the song can be viewed down below, or with the following link, you can play it on your music streaming platform of choice!

No Loading Screens

The developers have promised "virtually no loading screens" thanks to the power of the PS5 SSD.

Fast travelling will be seamless.


The map is bigger than before and players will be able to explore underwater.


The world will be filled with "dozens" of new machines, including turtle-like Shellsnappers, flying Sunwings, and a huge Tremortusk.

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